Robotic Process Automation is transforming the way services are delivered

In the constant drive to deliver better services and reduce costs, many organisations are turning to Robotic Process Automation. This type of new, expanded “digital workforce” offers opportunity for change: a workforce to which you can teach a range of skills, that is highly efficient and never goes on holiday.

SX is NDL’s flagship Software Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that takes the manual, repetitive and mundane tasks that people do on a computer and automates them, saving human time and money. With SX you can develop and manage automations that can drive any software system but at increased speed and accuracy.

These automations can be instantly scaled up or down to reflect demand, running 24 hours a day, 365 days per year under the full control of the SX management suite and a range of integration options allow SX to read and write data from any existing system.

Typically, SX Automations are used for:

   Save time on simple repetitive tasks such as rekeying

   Real time or batch mode – create APIs when not available

   Keeping different systems up to date with each other

    Lifting large quantities of data between systems

   Select the data elements you need from multiple records & write elsewhere

The NDL SX platform consists of several tightly-integrated components. You can find out more here

If you would like more information about how SX is being used and what it could do for your organisation, click here to enquire below.