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App description

The expenses app will allow individuals to not only record their expenses on the go but will also provide functionality for users to organise and view their records on any device.

Apart from the initial database setup there is no requirement for users to be connected to a network unless the user wishes to sync their details with the remote database. All records which the user creates and edits is stored on their device in a local database and synced to a remote database when the user requests.

Syncing the remote database will allow users to effectively create a ‘backup’ of their records as well as allow for administration to take place so that, for example, the company can pay and check expenses. Syncing also means that a user can retrieve their records on a different device at a later date, thus ensuring that their data is always with them.

As well as functionality, emphasis was also placed on the UI of the app and the quality of code. It was important that the apps integrated with their native platforms and that code was written to a high standard so that expanding or modifying the template could be done easily.