Case Studies

Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough Council has employed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve processing efficiency, enhance the safeguarding of citizen data and manage high application volumes as part of its Free School Meals programme, resulting in a 66% reduction in application turnaround time for parents and carers. 

Medway Council Migrates 6 Million Records Using RPA

Medway Council has migrated 6 million records from an old documents system into a new one using RPA. The automation has resulted in a substantial cost and time saving for the Council, improving data integrity and accuracy in the process.


Warwickshire County Council MX - Digital Journey

Warwickshire County Council has transformed multiple services within the organisation with mobile working. Learn how WCC took an agile approach to digital transformation, see the results and learn about its plans for the future. 


Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust Staff Immunisations

Following the success of its Child Immunisations eConsent programme, Hounslow And Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust implemented the paperless consent system for its staff immunisations. The expansion of the system has allowed the Trust to regain control of its process, saving time and money whilst achieving its highest staff immunisations uptake to date.


Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust Child Immunisations

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust achieves its highest uptake to date for child immunisations by taking its consent process paperless. The new system has allowed the Trust to improve data analysis, security and integrity – ultimately leading to improve efficiency and reduced waste.

Warwickshire County Council MX - Condition Surveys

Warwickshire County Council has transformed its building inspections service by implementing a new mobile working app. The Condition Surveys app has replaced an admin heavy process that consumed a large amount of paper. Mobile working has improved data integrity, eliminated rekeying and reduced paper usage within the Council.

Newcastle City Council MX

Newcastle City Council improves social worker services and staff safety with a new Visits Mobile Working App. The new app, developed using MX, includes several features which improve communication, timekeeping, staff safeguarding and data security. The app is also fully integrated with the back-office system, allowing social workers to spend less time rekeying and more time on frontline care.

Medway Council

Medway Council has saved over £14 million and improved customer service through ‘Better for Less’, a significant transformation programme. It is now handling all calls in one customer contact centre and has supported this through integration between Lagan CRM, Idox EDRMS and a number of back-office systems. A key element of its integration hub is awi SX and awi QX, NDL’s integration technology toolkit, which for one integration alone saved £85,000 capital costs as well as driving significant efficiencies.

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council has significantly improved the accuracy of its data on vulnerable children in its care and the timeliness of updates. In particular Surrey has received the highest data quality confidence levels in the country for the annual Department for Education Children in Need census. This has been achieved by using NDL’s awi SX application integration platform to integrate and extract data from its Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care system and Capita ONE education management system. Further integrations into ONE to replace manual changes on children enrolled into its Virtual School cohort (4–19 yrs) are also taking place.

Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council identified that social workers’ time was being wasted carrying out repetitive duplicate data entry. It therefore used awiSX, NDL’s integration server technology, to integrate two back-office systems, which has automated this transfer of data. As a result, it has saved 375 working days a year which equates to a saving over three years of approximately £230,000. It is now using the awi suite across a range of integration projects, eliminating wasteful data entry and automating laborious processes.

Stroud District Council

To meet the dual aims of cutting costs and improving services, Stroud District Council selected awi, NDL’s integration suite, to underpin three initial projects. Once these had proved to be successful, it then extended awi’s use across the planning, environmental health and housing departments, where it is helping to eliminate re-keying, provide better customer services, improve data quality and transform working practices.

Norwich City Council

Norwich City Council wanted to introduce SMS alerts but was prevented from doing this by inconsistent data across back-office systems and the CRM. It decided to use awi SX, NDL’s integration software development toolkit, to verify and synchronise mobile telephone numbers across all systems, enabling it to implement its first alert service. This integration programme is now being extended to cover other key data across the Council, resulting in significantly improved data and reducing wasteful manual look-ups and data entry.

Bolton Council

Bolton Council selected MX, NDL’s mobile solution, as its corporate mobile platform. It has successfully mobilised a number of services within its Environment and Planning departments, which has already resulted in an estimated yearly saving of £60,000. It has now used MX to create a mobile app for its new extended recycling scheme, supporting the delivery and removal of bins. As a result, it is saving approximately £10,000 per year.

Medway Council

As part of a major transformation programme, Medway Council initiated a project to handle all calls in its customer contact centre. To support this, it selected awi, NDL’s integration technology, to link between the front-office CRM and a number of back-office systems. Through one integration alone, it saved £85,000 in capital costs as well as driving significant efficiencies. It has now extended its programme of integration, and it is also starting to implement mobile working using NDL’s mobile technology, enabling officers to spend more time in the field.

South Norfolk Council

South Norfolk Council embarked on a ‘lean’ service review, which highlighted three areas for improvement: to integrate disparate systems, to implement more self-service and to bring more services into a central contact centre. To do this, the Council is using awi, NDL’s integration technology, to underpin a wide range of integration projects. It is rolling the solution out widely, supporting both improved service delivery and one-off data integrity projects. As a result it has considerably exceeded its target for time saved and will more than recoup its investment in less than 12 months.

Argyll and Bute Council - Part 2

Argyll and Bute Council launched a major initiative to improve customer service through system integration. It has already successfully completed an integration project for social services, using awi from NDL to link its front-office Lagan CRM with its CareFirst social work system. It has now moved on to environmental health, using awi again to integrate the front office with its back-office Idox Uniform application. As a result, it has saved the equivalent of one FTE, improved customer service and streamlined front-office processes.

Argyll and Bute Council

As part of a four-year project to improve customer contact, Argyll and Bute Council needed to integrate existing back-office applications with its front-office CRM system. To do this, it selected awi, NDL’s integration suite, as its corporate integration tool. Phase one comprised linking its existing CareFirst social work application to the CRM used by its customer service employees; it has extended this further and is about to launch phase two, which will enable staff in the customer service centre to take social work referrals. As a result, it estimates it is saving £110,000 a year. It is now embarking on further integration projects.

Stevenage Borough Council

Stevenage Borough Council wanted to improve the way customers could report environmental nuisances, and in particular to eliminate duplicate reports. By using awi from NDL to integrate between Fix My Street, an online reporting facility, and the front-office CRM, customers and staff are now able to view the most up-to-date information on all logged incidents and updates. This has reduced duplication and avoidable contacts, decreased manual re-keying and enhanced customer communications.

The Moray Council

As part of a review to identify potential service improvements and financial efficiencies, The Moray Council recently set up a central customer contact centre. The programme then involved different services transferring initial customer contact to this one central point. One of the first services to migrate was its Housing Repairs service and, at the same time, it implemented mobile working for its housing repairs operatives. By using awiMX and awiSX, NDL’s mobile and integration technology, it has now integrated both its front-office CRM and three back-office systems to support the new way of working. As a result, it has realised significant efficiencies and cost-savings.

Stratford-on-Avon Council

As part of its programme to eliminate duplicated data entry, Stratford-on-Avon District Council selected awiSX, NDL’s proven integration technology. It has now successfully implemented integration projects in departments throughout the District Council including HR, planning and parking. As a result, it has achieved significant efficiencies, including one new process which saves approximately 70 days a year. The District Council continues to identify labour-intensive data entry processes which could be streamlined through the use of awi.

Scottish Borders

As part of a business transformation programme, Scottish Borders wanted to rationalise its contact centres, bringing all services under one roof in each major town. To do this, it needed to integrate the front office with back-office applications. It is now using NDL’s awi integration technology to enable instant access to the environmental services application, gathering information using simple e-forms and taking payments. Benefits include bringing the recycling helpline in-house, improving services to citizens and saving £30,000 a year on external contracts.