MX Mobile Application Platform

Turning your business systems into mobile applications

MX puts you in control of your mobile working. You can take information from different back-office business systems and turn this into a series of mobile apps which accurately mirror the processes your people perform in the field. Operating in and out of signal, MX takes the information captured and automatically updates your systems. It’s so simple to use that you can design your apps yourself, and you can run them on any device type you want. There’s also a full suite of management and security to make sure your information is protected. And all of this is in one product.                                                    

Easy to do yourself without specialist developers: you can get results quickly

Integrates with the back office
, eliminating costly and time-consuming re-typing

Runs on any device type, so you’re not locked in and can choose the best

Operates offline, meaning work can continue whether in or out of signal

Managed and secure, ensuring you're in control of your users and data


The MX toolkit is proven and widely deployed to thousands of users across the UK public sector. Take a look at the business case    
MX comes in two different editions, the Enterprise Edition and the Public Store Edition. You can use this table to compare editions.   

If you would like to see what MX can do for your organisation, click here to book a demo.