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Here’s one we made earlier: App Showcase promises to speed through mobile projects

Barrier to mobile working lowered as NDL’s free-to-use app showcase aims to encourage cooperation between public bodies 

IT company NDL, which specialises in providing the public sector with software which helps integrate IT systems and mobilise workforces, has launched a free-to-use App Showcase, designed to allow customers to rapidly implement mobile working projects and to dramatically improve end user adoption.

NDL’s Managing Director, Declan Grogan, explained: “The App Showcase is about three things: Firstly, inspiring thought and conversations about what can be achieved by using business mobile applications. Secondly, it is about accelerating delivery and ROI on those all-important early projects as these apps can be downloaded and tweaked to fit and deployed rather than having to start from a blank canvas. Thirdly, and most importantly, we believe that this provides a valuable opportunity for our customers in IT and Business Development to engage with their end users, involving them in the process of designing apps that fit the way they really work. Using a real, on-device application with a user rather than a white board is a far more realistic and effective way of getting the final application right and getting the user to adopt this technology in their business lives”.

The Showcase, launches with an initial 12  cross-sector apps, 4 apps designed for use by local authorities and a further 7 apps designed for NHS Trusts with more being added all the time. All the apps can be branded as required by the customer and work across iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices. The apps are available free of charge to all of NDL’s 200 existing customers and have been built using the NDL’s newly launched MX 6.1 software, which is also a free upgrade for customers.

The App Showcase’s development has been supported by a number of NDL’s existing customers, including Bolton Council which has used NDL’s software to create mobile working solutions for waste collections, highway inspections and flood risk assessment. The council passed its apps to the NDL Apps Team to white label for the Showcase. 

Chris Lloyd, Strategy and Development Manager at Bolton Council explained: “Mobile working is a great opportunity for local councils – by adopting this technology relatively early we’ve been able to save significant amounts of time and resources already. However, we know times are incredibly tough and not all councils are in the same position, so why wouldn’t we help out other authorities where we can? NDL’s Showcase is a great example of how co-operation between authorities can be mutually beneficial; we’ll certainly be looking at the Showcase and seeing if there are any templates we can make use of.”

Grogan commented: “Many of our customers already share their projects via our User Group and Forums and the App Showcase builds on this existing community. Customers have been incredibly supportive of the Showcase initiative, with many contributing applications for us to process into the collection - in fact, as well as the initial launch apps, we’ve dozens more in the pipeline to add on in the coming months. It’s fantastic to see so many public sector organisations co-operating and making the most of scarce resources.

“We understand from experience that every organisation works in a slightly different way so it’s vital IT teams have the flexibility to adapt technology to the way their staff actually work. Arguably this is also why so many ‘one size fits all’ single vendor apps struggle to get adopted. Using these templates is a powerful middle way; organisations can shorten the time to roll out by downloading and implementing an application, while also retaining the flexibility to adapt the template to meet their needs, whether that’s altering the process, changing the app’s look and feel or running it on a different device.”