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Joining the old with the new: NDL Software releases 64 bit OSI communications options for Microsoft platforms

NDL’s new 64 bit OSI Transport protocol stack for Windows Server 2012-R2 64 bit platforms is now available. This is the result of a full ‘ground up’ development project that leverages the capability of Microsoft’s new 64 bit operating system architecture.
The new stack allows customers who want to take advantage of the full power of Microsoft Server 2012 by migrating to the 64 bit platforms to run a native 64 bit OSI protocol stack rather than running 32 bit emulations.  Users can then use the OSI Transport APIs either to develop their own native 64 bit solutions, or implement the NDL Active Communications Server or NetConnect Gateways for terminal emulation, file and print.
This is the latest emulation product from NDL Software which was formed over 30 years ago to specialise in the development of communications protocols, emulations and gateways. In 2015 the company still supports over 200,000 desktop users across UK government and financial sectors, but also provides application integration and mobile platforms to a large number of local government and NHS organisations.
For further information contact info@ndl.co.uk