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80% of people in the Public Sector believe mobile to be more secure than paper!

As we move ever closer to 2020, when the NHS is scheduled to become paperless, we surveyed over 200 people in the Public Sector (including 51 NHS trusts) to find out how they plan to meet these targets. It seems that there is an overwhelming agreement that mobile working is a key part of the strategy for the NHS to become paper free. Not only is it believed to be more secure than paper, but offers many additional benefits such as the freeing up of clinician time that can then be allocated to patient care.

The survey indicated that only 48% of respondents in Health have Line of Business apps.

However, the case for mobile working has been proven and as one respondent stated, “technology has developed to a point where we have the confidence to trust the security of mobile working and we can access and share data securely in a way we couldn’t five years ago, making things safer and more efficient for patients and clinicians”. Many Trusts, it seems, are now waiting for the outcome of their Digital Roadmap submissions so that they can start or expand their staff mobilisation and paperless agendas.

NDL supplies easy-to-use software toolkits to integrate disparate back-office systems and to develop offline, cross-platform mobile business applications. By radically simplifying these two key areas, NDL has given over 200 UK public sector organisations across Local Government and the NHS the ability to integrate and mobilise their systems. This has resulted in significant savings of both time and money, changing the way frontline services are being delivered. With a pedigree stretching over 30 years, NDL is a profitable UK company priding itself on both technical innovation and high standards of customer care.

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