NDL in Healthcare

Healthcare organisations face enormous pressures to cut costs, improve patient care, change the way they deliver services and move to a more community-based operation. At the same time they have to demonstrate they are meeting increasingly demanding targets on performance and patient outcomes. But inflexible legacy systems, isolated siloes of data and out-dated working practices are hampering them across all these areas.

NDL is working with trusts across the country to meet these challenges successfully and cost-effectively in two key areas: enabling existing systems to be brought together; and allowing the introduction of new ways of working which give clinicians more time to spend caring for patients:
  • Integration: NDL’s awi SX software toolkit is being used by healthcare organisations to develop interfaces which bring existing systems together without the need for expensive and inflexible vendor APIs. As a result, front and back-office systems can be seamlessly integrated to provide a cost-effective joined-up service delivery. awi SX is helping healthcare organisations to meet the huge challenges they face by bringing legacy systems together, enabling for example immediate updates between wards and Patient Administration Systems, integrating patient check-in systems with the PAS, or driving more accurate critical performance data.
  • Mobile working: NDL’s awi MX software toolkit and corporate server platform enables quick and easy design and deployment of multiple, highly-secure bespoke mobile applications across different types of smartphones or tablets. As a result, community clinicians can access and update patient records remotely, working online or offline, removing the need to return to base to enter data or collect appointment lists, while ward staff are able to work effectively at patients’ bedsides, providing immediate access to data and updating of central records.
  • eForms: Trusts can also easily design and deploy online forms with the new FX eForms toolkit, allowing the public to conviently interact with the NHS through its local websites. Feature rich, these eForms create outstanding end user experience, and data can be captured inside and outside of the Trust. FX supports a wide range of options to integrate with any existing PAS, or other system, so administrative tasks can be dramatically reduced.
We have worked with a wide range of health authorities across the UK, enabling them to improve patient outcomes and deliver significant efficiencies through integration or mobile working: you can read about their successes in our case studies section.