Mobile working: delivering unprecedented benefits for the public sector

Mobile working – if implemented correctly – offers the greatest opportunity to change the way we work since the advent of the PC. It can generate enormous benefits for organisations and workers across the public sector, with the potential for exceptional ROI. As well as delivering better customer services, it can reduce data entry, travel, overheads and office space, and underpin significant improvements in data quality.

But early adopters have demonstrated the significant pitfalls of taking the wrong approach: in particular, by simply extending the negative effects of siloed back-office systems. The key to successful mobile application development is to develop and customise your own individual Line of Business applications which truly reflect the way people work. And this should be based on some essential rules which include offline working, early user engagement, allowing for change, and starting small and building iteratively.

NDL’s approach to mobile working follows a proven methodology which will deliver its full potential. It can be a positive agent for change, but only through the development of smaller lean and agile applications which work together and give users the tools they need to carry out their jobs.

Our approach to mobile working is explained in detail in our whitepaper Making sense of a MAD world: lean and agile mobile application development. You can also read how local authorities, housing associations and healthcare trusts are unlocking the potential of mobile working to deliver extraordinary benefits by visiting our case studies page.