Create modern, responsive forms

Design once, deploy on any device

With FX, you only need to build your forms once. All forms can be deployed and look great on any device, ranging from a traditional PC through to the latest tablet or smartphone, so you can achieve better results faster. During your design phase, you can snap to mobile view at any time to ensure that your forms look great even when resized as they are fully ‘responsive’ out-of-the-box.
With a full WYSIWYG design studio, FX has a clean interface letting you seamlessly modify form content so that you can see the actual results as you go. You also have the power to completely change the look and feel of your forms by using the in-built styles panel, exactly how you would in PowerPoint. Either by creating your own or importing your existing house styles, you can create consistent themes across all your eForms.
Form visibility logic enables designers to create functions to skip parts of a form to provide a simplified user experience, and to automatically create data tables from your forms; you don’t need to use or know how to use a database, highlighting the quick results that can be achieved and helping you to save time.
This means you can focus on the look and feel, producing forms your end users can really understand and engage with, boosting your organisation’s self-service usage.

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