Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Connects to your systems to eliminate rekeying

lets you read and write to your existing systems via databases and web services, so you can integrate external data seamlessly into FX using out-of-the-box visual elements. Forms can be also incorporated into your existing workflow processes by setting up form submission data to be sent via email.
For data that is harder to reach due to a lack of APIs, NDL’s SX Robotic Process Automation toolkit is an ideal solution to work alongside FX. With SX, you can powerfully automate, integrate, synchronise, migrate and extract your eForm submission data to your existing systems with minimal effort, eliminating repetitive rekeying and saving you time and money.
Designers also have the ability to intuitively add data validation such as email, postcode and NHS number check, to ensure greater accuracy from form submissions and improve data quality and compatibility. With all these validation and integration options available, there is no need to rekey any data ever again.

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