Intuitive & extensible visual elements

Easily build forms using a wide range of drag & drop tools

Drawing from a large selection of out-of-the-box, drag & drop elements, you can easily produce a variety of forms for any industry, ranging from a simple contact us request, to complex, multi-step forms that allow users to ‘save and return’. Stock elements include just some of the following:
  • Automatic navigation progress bars to provide structure for form users
  • File upload so your end users can provide additional documentation
  • Postcode lookup for fast and automatic data collection
  • Table editor allowing efficient multi-row data entry
  • Fully interactive Bing and Google Maps
  • ​'Add to cart' facility to pay for eCommerce
  • Payment elements such as Capita Pay360

You can also create groups of elements effortlessly which you can reuse throughout designing and across any of your forms. If you have existing eForms, this tool is ideal for migrating forms so you can achieve a swift switch over to FX.
Advanced designers can increase the flexibility and capabilities of FX by producing their own visual elements using JavaScript and dropping them into the studio to have exactly what they want on their forms. As with our Mobile and Robotic Process Automation offerings, we encourage the sharing of elements with other users through our User Group community so best results can be achieved for your eForms.

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