Online Self-Service

Businesses are relying more and more on their customers using self-service eForms on their websites. The design of these forms is key to their adoption. They need to be clear, intuitive and easy to understand for end users. In addition, form designers need to be able to create the forms quickly and easily. With FX, NDL’s eForms software platform, a typical Microsoft Office user can easily build beautiful, responsive and integrated eForms for their website in minutes.
The key to making eForms part of your digital strategy is to integrate them with your back-office systems. However, many businesses are still wasting valuable time and money on rekeying the data that is received from their eForms into other databases.
Data captured by an eForm can be integrated with any system using SX, NDL’s Robotic Process Automation tool. SX can automate manual, repetitive processes such as rekeying between any back-office systems or databases and create significant savings in both time and money.
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