eForms for everyone by anyone

Build forms rapidly regardless of your technical ability

Inspired by the power and simplicity of Microsoft Office, FX lets you create forms without technical training or writing code. As it works like Microsoft Office, you will know your way around even when you use it for the first time so you can prototype and test workflows quickly and easily, helping you achieve better results. All this frees up your experienced developers, who do not need to get involved with form building and gives them opportunity to get on with more complex tasks.
The studio provides a large range of out-of-the-box visual elements, which you can drag & drop anywhere on the page, removing the need to edit the form’s layout pixel-by-pixel, so you can confidently build and publish the business forms you need.
Therefore, you can maximise savings and results by allowing non-expert designers to develop eForms, saving you time and money and accelerating your digital journey.

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