Easy to do yourself without specialist developers: you’re in control and can get results quickly

  • Simple to learn: no need for expensive specialist developers
  • Involve your users in the development to produce better results
  • Quick to deliver and adapt as your work patterns evolve
  • Work the way your users want to work
  • Look the way you want it to look
MX enables your team to rapidly create unique mobile applications tailored to your users’ needs. You can design and develop the app you want without learning complex languages and tools, which means you can be productive within days, not weeks or months. There’s no need to hire expensive specialist developers and designers: as long as you have an understanding of basic logic and visual layout, you can do all the work yourself.
App Studio, MX’s visual development environment, allows you to quickly prototype and deploy apps to users. As a result, you can get quick feedback on your designs and iteratively improve your mobile processes, leading to better user acceptance and adoption of your apps. When your business processes change you can quickly and easily make changes to your apps and deploy new versions to users seamlessly.
So don’t limit yourself to the restrictive apps provided by your back-office system providers: use MX to quickly and easily create apps that look and work the way your users want.

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