Integrates with the back office, eliminating costly and time-consuming re-typing

  • Talks to any back-office system
  • Read and write
  • Non-invasive (does not break data integrity)
  • Combines lots of different back-office systems into a single app
  • Supports multiple integration techniques including SX, NDL’s universal integration adaptor
MX gives you the capability to fully integrate your mobile apps with any back-office system, so there’s no need to throw away your existing systems or reinvent the wheel. MX can read and write to any system using NDL’s universal integration adapter SX which is non-invasive, which means you can maintain the integrity of your data. And you don’t have to worry about breaking support agreements with your system suppliers.
MX can also take advantage of direct database connectivity and web services if these are available, giving you a full range of integration options. In addition, if you need to combine data or processes from multiple back-office systems within one app, then that’s not a problem either: MX can do that too, allowing you complete freedom over mobilising your business processes.

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