Managed and secure, ensuring your data is always safe and you can control who is doing what

  • Protects your data with strong encryption of local storage and communications
  • Controlled access to applications with additional full user authentication
  • Central control of which apps are deployed to which users, groups and devices
  • Full audit capability with granular views of users, apps and devices
  • Resilience and load balancing choices to support huge user communities 24/7
  • Deploy in your data centre, in the cloud or both
MX gives your organisation complete control over your apps and data, ensuring that your assets stay secure in any scenario. The App Manager console gives administrators the capability to control access to apps by user, group or device, even down to the specific application version, meaning you have full control of who can use your apps and access your data. Authentication to your apps can be handled via MX’s built-in security, or using Active Directory. Data is kept in an encrypted container on each device by default, and also encrypted while in transit, so there’s no need to design or deploy additional security mechanisms.
Administrators have access to a full audit log, with granular views of users, apps and devices, so unauthorised access attempts can be tracked and handled appropriately. MX also has the capability to remotely wipe its own data on compromised devices, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.
MX can be deployed in your own data centre, in the cloud, or using a hybrid approach, giving you complete flexibility in the running of your solution. When your user community grows you can take advantage of MX’s capability for resilience and load balancing, allowing your organisation to support thousands of users and devices. Whatever your security or infrastructure requirements, the MX platform gives you the flexibility and control you need to manage and control your mobile business.

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