Operates offline, meaning work can continue whether in or out of signal

  • Applications run on the device itself so work continues even when your users have no signal
  • Automatic background synchronisation ensures no data is lost - just like your email
Even today mobile signal coverage is far from universal. It doesn’t matter which mobile network you subscribe to: the dreaded dead spots can be found everywhere, whether inside or outside, in rural or urban areas. MX has been designed from the ground up to work seamlessly when there is no mobile signal available. There’s no need to redesign your app to work offline, or implement separate online and offline logic. MX apps will just continue to work when no signal is available, and data can be synchronised automatically when connectivity returns, just like Outlook.
Users can also have manual control over the synchronisation process, and be warned if a data sync is pending. MX allows you complete control over your data, while giving your users a seamless user experience whether online or off.

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