Runs on any device type, so you’re not locked in and can choose the best

  • Choose the most suitable device type and OS to support your workers
  • Change device and OS without having to redevelop your applications
  • Offer a familiar device-based user experience without changing your apps
  • Use the full features and facilities of your devices such as cameras, GPS, signature capture and a whole lot more
  • Integrate with other apps on your device such as mail, calendar and alerts
MX gives you the freedom to deploy apps on any modern mobile device, including Apple, Android, Windows 10 and BlackBerry platforms. Your apps will look and feel familiar on each platform without any additional work. What’s more, there’s no need to change any of your application logic: the code is exactly the same across all platforms. But if you want to customise the look and functionality on each platform you can do this too. And you can take advantage of device-specific features such as GPS, camera and signature capture, as well as hooking into communication capabilities such as mail, calendar and device notifications. You can even create responsive screen layouts to suit smartphone, tablet or large hub devices.
MX frees you from device lock-in without sacrificing app usability or functionality, allowing you and your users the flexibility to choose the most suitable devices to support your business needs.

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