Data Integration

Real time or batch mode – create APIs when not available

A common use of NDL’s SX RPA platform is to integrate disparate systems where APIs are not available, are too expensive, complex or simply do not reach all of the data elements needed by the process. Typically, this will be between a CRM system and the back office, or an e-form or mobile application and a legacy system, with a team of ‘bots’ receiving the process request, performing the transaction and returning the results. In practical terms, this means fewer instances of different systems in contact centres and on desktops, less staff training and increased business agility.

This integration can be performed in real time or queued and run in ‘batch mode’ depending on the required latency within the process. These transactions, along with their inputs and outputs, can be logged and stored for audit and future analysis. In addition, through the SX platform’s web services layer, web services can be provided for systems where none currently exist. This means that users can use even the oldest legacy systems as part of their transformation or modernisation process, applying cross application usage, extending their life and value for money.

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