Select the data elements you need from multiple records and write elsewhere

Data extracted from multiple sources and combined can give us dramatic insights into the world in which we live. Quite often however, providing open access to the whole data set is not an option and in most scenarios not necessary. It is far better to allow users to read all the key information whilst still protecting secure or sensitive data. An example we can all relate to would be data on our medical records; details of gender, age and prescription type might be very informative, however there is no need to expose personally-identifiable data such as name and location. The SX RPA platform can take care of this, with ‘bots’ being purposed to read only selected data from a variety of sources, extracting it to an easily-analysed form such as in a SQL database.

This concept can then also be extended to include other examples, such as identifying if someone is in receipt of benefits and therefore eligible for others without exposing full details to an inappropriate person or system.

The ability of the SX platform to act as an abstraction layer and aggregate data together from different systems in different settings, even when the data is ‘locked’ in inaccessible systems, is already allowing organisations richer information upon which to design public services and make critical business decisions. This data can be fed into dashboard systems providing enhanced reporting capabilities.

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