Process Automation

Save time on simple repetitive tasks such as rekeying

Whether it is reflecting a simple ‘change of circumstances’ across multiple systems, or the extraction of maps from a plethora of different applications, you can instruct the SX process automation robots to take the drudge out of data entry.

Introducing a new team of robots is quick and easy when compared to implementing an entire new system, as well as more efficient and reliable.

Not only can the robots perform repetitive tasks, they can also be instructed to react and take action based on ‘events’. For example, in the event a field on a system turns from green to red, this can trigger the ‘bot’ to take a predefined action, such as raising an email alert with details or taking corrective action in a secondary system.

The SX robots can work in assisted and unassisted modes, either on the desktop bringing additional functionality or in a super secure, lights out, unattended virtual environment. Furthermore, they will work as fast as your systems can manage, for as long as they are online, without introducing transcription errors, saving your human workforce for the important decision making.

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