Keeping different systems up to date with each other

As business systems evolve, new services emerge and organisations merge and transform, it is common that details on assets and individuals are stored in many places. This makes maintaining accurate information difficult, often involving operators making a single change on several systems, one after another or having to search multiple systems to see if they even need changing. This is all time consuming, expensive and can lead to transcription errors or data mismatches, however by expanding the digital workforce through the use of robots, this time-consuming activity can be dramatically reduced and errors eliminated.

Many NDL customers have automated this using the SX RPA platform, having ‘bots’ seek out the information sources and replicate changes automatically, for example between local and national clinical systems or in busy contact centres. This means that clinicians or operators are released back into front-line services far quicker and data quality improves. And let’s face it, no one likes rekeying the same information again and again.

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