NDL in Construction

Driving down costs, enabling collaboration and delivering better services

The construction industry is under constant pressure to drive down costs, produce lower emissions, and deliver projects and services more quickly. Central to this is the requirement to adopt BIM technologies, streamline processes, and implement collaborative behaviours and systems. These objectives can be hampered by inflexible legacy systems, isolated silos of data and outmoded working practices.
NDL provides smart, robust and cost-effective solutions to overcome these obstacles.
NDL’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and mobile toolkits enable construction companies to change the way they deliver services, eliminate inefficient working methods and help meet their BIM ambitions. By bringing data together or enabling access to systems out in the field,  you can streamline processes, cut costs and pool data, to make smart decisions which drive real savings and service improvements.

Integrating systems and data across and beyond the organisation: NDL’s SX RPA toolkit brings disparate systems together, removing wasteful duplicate data entry and introducing more efficient ways of working. This eliminates the need for expensive and inflexible vendor APIs, enabling cost-effective integration of systems across the back and front office. And it goes further than that: this integration can extend to external sites, such as suppliers or utility companies.  This can, for example,  simplify communications with contractors and suppliers or, through our Safe Digging application, incorporate data from utility companies to make digging a safer and more efficient process.  

Real mobile working by turning back-office systems into mobile apps: NDL’s MX mobile working software toolkit allows you to develop and build your own individual mobile apps in-house, for any smartphone or tablet, which reflect the way people work in the field. Operating online or offline, remote staff can access back-office records and update them securely while out and about, removing the need to return to the office.

NDL is already working with construction companies across the UK to transform the way they deliver services. You can read about this in our case studies section.

NDL is a Technology Member of COMIT, (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT).