NDL in Social Housing

Housing associations are constantly under pressure to release housing stock as quickly as possible, maximise income and ensure their repairs team work to maximum efficiency. But they are hampered by back-office systems which don’t talk to each other, causing long back-office delays, or skilled operatives wasting valuable time filling in long paper forms which then have to be manually re-entered into multiple systems back in the office.

NDL is working with housing associations across the UK to change the way they work, driving significant savings and improving the delivery of services. By integrating back-office systems or enabling the work force to access and update records while out on site they can save time, release housing more quickly and cut costs:
  • Integration: awi SX, NDL’s integration software toolkit, is being used by housing associations to join together existing systems without the need for expensive and inflexible vendor APIs. As a result, systems across the front and back office can be seamlessly integrated to provide a cost-effective joined-up service delivery. This is enabling, for example, housing management, scheduling and stock ordering systems to be linked together to enable multiple automatic updates, ensuring more accurate information, eliminating wasteful data entry and significantly cutting the time it takes to allocate and complete jobs.
  • Mobile working: awi MX, NDL’s mobile working software toolkit and corporate server platform, enables quick and easy design and deployment of multiple bespoke mobile applications across different types of smartphones or tablets. Using these applications, operatives can access records and input data, re-book appointments, order stock or close off jobs while on site, operating online or offline, removing the need to return to the office.

We have worked with housing associations across the UK, enabling them to streamline business processes through integration or change the way their workforce operates through mobile working. You can read about their success stories by visiting our case studies section.