NDL in Local Government

Local authorities across the country are trying to do more for less: deliver an ever-improving level of service with shrinking budgets and workforces. And they recognise that technology is key to achieving this.

In particular they want to join up existing systems to remove wasteful duplicate data entry, provide a unified view of customers, support channel shift and introduce more efficient ways of working. But the greatest challenge is finding a robust, flexible and cost-effective solution to underpin this.

This is where NDL is supporting local authorities across the UK. Our software toolkits are enabling them to change the way they deliver services, improve the customer experience and eliminate wasteful and inefficient working methods. Our technology addresses two key areas:
  • Integration: NDL’s awi SX integration toolkit is being used by local authorities to develop interfaces which bring existing systems together without the need for expensive and inflexible vendor APIs. As a result, systems across the front and back office can be seamlessly integrated to provide cost-effective and joined-up service delivery. Through the use of awi SX, local authorities are changing the way they work, whether this is by giving access to back-office systems through the CRM, underpinning multi-channel service delivery, or removing wasteful data entry by enabling automatic update of data across multiple systems.
  • Mobile working: awi MX, NDL’s software toolkit and corporate server platform, enables quick and easy design and deployment of multiple bespoke mobile applications across different types of smartphones or tablets. Using these applications, staff can access records and update them securely in the field, operating online or offline, and removing the need to return to the office.
We have worked with a wide range of local authorities across the UK, enabling them to drive real savings and service improvements through integration or mobile working: you can read about their successes in our case studies section.