As a provider of innovative software products, NDL is keen to help customers get the very best out of their investment in the quickest possible time. Product education has a key role to play in this and, in recognition of this, NDL has developed a range of training courses to support our clients in their use of our products.

Standard courses are run on a regular monthly basis for each of the main product sets.  In addition to these core education services, NDL can also offer customised course content to suit a specific customer need.

NDL offers a range of other supporting activities from time to time such as mobile application development boot camps, product update webinars and best practice webinars in conjunction with the NDL awi User Group.

The Installation and Administration courses are designed to teach IT staff how to install, configure and manage our products and take place on customer site.  The courses include performing a supervised live installation of the product.  The Developer courses, on the other hand, are aimed at giving developers an introduction to developing Solutions using the products and these courses are run on a regular monthly basis at our Wetherby and Leatherhead offices.

Customers who select NDL solutions can therefore be confident of access to the knowledge they need to get the very best from their investment. 

Find out more by selecting the relevant course page or checking out the course schedule.