MX Developer Course

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Aims of the course:

The awiMX Developer Training Course aims to provide developers with a good grounding in the use of awiMX to create mobile applications, along with an understanding of the constituent product elements and how they fit and work together.


A mixture of theoretical and practical sessions, the course covers the creation of mobile applications using the awiMX development utility and scripting language.  The practical sessions consist of a series of specially designed training exercises guiding attendees through the basics of developing awiMX mobile applications.  The course also includes an introduction to deploying MX applications to mobile devices and the diagnostic and debugging facilities available.

Duration:  2 days


Course attendees should have programming experience and an understanding of VBScript or other scripting language.  In order to complete the hands-on exercises, each participant will be provided with a laptop PC pre-configured according to our list of pre-requisites supplied before the course.

Course content:
  • Introduction to awiMX
  • Creating basic awiMX applications
  • Diagnostic and debugging facilities
  • Extending basic applications – using the MX scripting language
  • Managing and deploying applications
  • Technical support, the awi User Group and Forum
  • Practical sessions involve creating an awiMX mobile application by following a series of training exercises designed to illustrate the major features of the product and allow attendees to build up their knowledge in a structured and logical manner.