This is NDL

NDL is a UK SME that has been creating software for the benefit of NHS and public sector organisations, for nearly 40 years.
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Built to Matter

We create software that aims to improve people’s lives in the UK. 

We want to make the working lives of our public sector colleagues as efficient and effective as possible, giving them back time to spend where it matters – with service users, patients and clients.

For the Public Sector

We aim to reduce the burden of admin, enabling teams to achieve significant savings in time and money and help the public access the services they need.  Our software tools allow you to:

  • Ensure information is accessible when and where it is needed for informed decision making
  • Build scalable automation for repetitive administrative processes
  • Share information instantly between connected systems, teams and people, improving data quality and efficiency
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People-focused technology

Our software is developed to allow public sector employees to:

  • Work smarter and be more productive and fulfilled
  • Reduce the burden of frustrating admin, eliminate time wasted re-keying data and similar repetitive tasks
  • Use easy tools that digitise processes and make services more accessible
  • Spend more time where it counts with service users and patients

Saving public money

  • Reduce the need for valuable resources to be spent on high volume, low value repetitive tasks
  • Reduce staff travel time and cost with apps that integrate staff on the move
  • Reduce the time to build apps, automations and eForms with low code software
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Our Accreditations

Crown Services
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Building a Shared Community

NDL works with a large community of public sector organisations.  We actively facilitate the sharing of best practice and innovation with each other so that similar challenges can be overcome more easily, right across the country.