NDL Autumn Newsletter 2021

NDL Community Awards 2021



Final Call for 2021 Nominations - closing midnight on Friday 1st October

The annual NDL Community Awards programme remains open for nominations until the end of this week!

Building on the success of our 2020 programme, the 2021 awards categories have been chosen to highlight the great results being achieved by the NDL Public Sector community. This is your opportunity to share your learnings, to inspire and help others in the NDL Community on their transformation journeys. The 2021 Awards programme aims to celebrate the tremendous efforts you and your colleagues have invested in supporting patients and citizens. 

Matching our 2020 prizes, we are again offering the winners a £500 donation to their nominated charity and a further £250 donation for the highly commended in each category.

Learn more about our 2021 categories



From data migration with SX, digitising and mobilising workforces with MX and information gathering with FX, we want to hear from you. So why not submit your project, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain for you and your charity and you may just be the inspiration some of your peers have been looking for. To get your entry forms, for entry guidance or to just find out more, contact the Customer Success Team


Save the Date

The NDL event calendar remains 100% online to ensure the safety of our team and our user community. Join us online for the NDL Community Awards on Thursday 25th November – click to RSVP.

Product News - the latest updates from the NDL Digital Transformation Suite 

Available NOW - eForm (FX) Showcase 

In supporting you to develop and deploy faster than ever before, you can now find our brand-new library of pre-built, ready-to-download template eForms. Whether you are looking to digitise your existing paper-based forms for patients and citizens, improve data capturing internally, or just exploring the paperless agenda, the first batch of our brand-new eForm templates can be customised, tweaked or even re-branded to your own style and requirements.

Our library includes...

  • Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) form
  • New Starter form
  • Free School Meals form 
  • Feedback form

Head over to the NDL Community Portal to access the new App & eForms Showcase

Don’t have FX? Don’t worry.  We are running our free FX open access offer until the end of 2021. As long as you have an existing SX or MX license, you are eligible. Training is included, in addition to access to the full FX library, so to get hold of your 6-month FX license or to find out more, contact customerservices@ndl.co.uk.

Product updates

2020 Vision Edition - have you upgraded yet? 

Our mobile app platform has accelerated over the past year, with a plethora of features to help you rapidly create even richer mobile apps. Don't miss out, on features such as the ability to use conditional formatting, push notifications and much more. It costs nothing to upgrade - download the latest release of MX via the NDL Community Portal.

Stay tuned for the latest product version due soon - MX 10.7.1. You can expect;

  • Full support for iOS 15
  • The ability to upload apps to the Google Play store in line with Google’s new requirements

and many more minor improvements!

Expect more information on the NDL Community Forum in October.

Is your team too busy for routine upgrades? We can run the MX 2020 Vision Edition upgrade for you, to ensure you remain fully secure and have access to the latest features. To arrange a full or assisted upgrade service, contact support@ndl.co.uk.

To note: In keeping up with the recent Apple release of iOS 15, support is now available for all apps built on the NDL build system. Apps installed under iOS 14 will continue to work, but any new installs will require a newly built version of the application.




Product direction - we want to hear from you

A key aim at NDL is to develop our products in line with what our community wants to better support current and future projects. We are inviting all to help us design the future roadmap of SX. If you have any thoughts, we want to hear from you - click to reach out.

Don't forget to ensure your are on the latest version (6.2) too - you can download via the Product Downloads area on the  NDL Community Portal.




2021 Spring Update 

This summer we have released a major leap forward for FX, our eForm platform, all to help you do more, faster than ever before. From improving development 'quality of life', to an array of new functionality - there is plenty on offer in the latest version of FX. This version, alongside the full feature list, is available to download - access here. To ensure you don't miss out, a member of the support team will be in touch to discuss your upgrade soon, or contact us to book in.  For the latest online documentation to help you get the most out of your FX investment, login to FX Studio and select the 'help icon'. The team is on hand via customerservices@ndl.co.uk if you have any questions.

We now have a handy eForms Showcase, stocked with a collection of eForm templates to get you off the ground, cutting through the basics of eForm development. Head over to the Customer Portal and take a look!

New FX elements coming to the Community Forum... updated progress bar, new graph/chart elements, toast notifications and much more. Login to the Customer Portal and head to the forum for updates over the coming weeks.

If it’s project scoping, implementation or team development you need, we remind you that NDL remains available to help you deliver stellar projects - ensuring you get the most out of your product investment.  

Coming soon...

Heard about Hub? NDL’s workflow, orchestration and scheduling engine is now under construction - and production is very much underway within our development team. 

Hub is the first delivery of NDL’s next-generation transformation server architecture, providing:

  • A modern, ground-up replacement for QX
  • Graphical, easy-to-use process building capabilities
  • The core, ‘Common Server Architecture’ for the entire platform



We are running our preview phase throughout October, and the team extends the invite for community members to join them on this journey and take part in our development. We welcome your thoughts, opinions and requirements too - so to find out more or to register to be part of the insider circle for all-things Hub, contact customerservices@ndl.co.uk. News about the wider availability of Hub will be communicated later this year. 

Want to learn more first? Watch the latest on-demand recording of our “Roadmap of NDL Digital Transformation Suite” session where our Head of Development, Gareth Handley shares more including a community exclusive Hub demo.


Training Academy - book your free training spot

To better support your automation and digital project success for the remainder of 2021 (and beyond), we have extended our free online training offer to the end of the year – open to all customers and all platforms within the NDL Transformation Suite.

Whether you have a new team member to onboard into our  Foundation courses or you are an experienced NDL platform developer looking to extend your knowledge with our Advanced courses. Visit the NDL Academy page for more information about our courses. To book, please contact customerservices@ndl.co.uk.

To note: We are continuing to deliver all our training courses via online video conferencing until further notice. 


Events Calendar


Don't miss the case study events this season - hosted by digital experts from across the NDL Community


Tuesday 19th October


Hear first-hand from digital experts from across our public sector community as Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Norwich City Council share insights and behind-the-scenes details of their recent RPA projects.

From insights into the rapid development of three key healthcare projects – all in the Trusts 12-month pilot - to the council's fundamental citizen-facing, multi-system synchronisation that was completed in only 24 hours, and how having an arsenal of re-usable code made speedy development possible - it's an online event not-to-be-missed.

Book your place

Tuesday 14th December 


NDL's Sebastian Clancy will be joined by Wigan Council and Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust as these digital pioneers discuss the use and impact of app technology within their organisations. 

More details to come -register your interest via info@ndl.co.uk 

Click above to register for a session of your choice or click to view our full schedule of events 


The latest digital projects from across the community

Sharing the latest real-world Local Authority and Healthcare case studies to inspire your next project.

Migrating 12 million sensitive records from a legacy system into the new national Wales Community Care Information System (WCCIS) with RPA (SX) - from initiation to completion in just 120 days

With its digital RPA workforce running 24/7, the Council achieved:

  • Savings of 8 FTEs (or 2,000 working days) if migrating manually
  • Almost 12 million citizen records now fully accessible by social care professional remotely through WCCIS
  • Cost savings from removing the legacy system and associated support needs

Click to access the full story


Streamlining its GP referral handling in supporting 700,000 patients every year with RPA (SX)

In accelerating and improving patient pathways, the trust applied RPA alongside its new electronic GP referrals system to:

  • Improve patient experience by reducing referral waiting time
  • Free up busy teams whilst levelling up data security by reducing timely referral admin
  • Eradicate paper consumption across the trust of almost 1 million sheets of paper per year

Click to access the full story


Meeting surges in COVID-19 testing and changing government requirements with a digital solution led by low code eForms - delivering over 1,000 COVID-19 tests per week

Innovating the cumbersome process with eForms allowed the council to:

  • Improve service and experience for residents
  • Process COVID-19 test bookings and recordings faster
  • React to local data aiding surge and hotspot testing

Click to access the full story

Prefer the project video? Click to watch


In Focus -  Project Delivery at NDL 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new NDL Blog. From frontline stories to industry opinion pieces, our easy-to-digest blog content is delivered to you as a collection of tailored blog series.

In focus - At NDL we put education and staff development at the core of our business. We work with local schools and colleges on a range of schemes as well as supporting staff through degrees and masters programmes. As part of this, we run a highly successful degree apprenticeship programme with Leeds Uni Sheffield. In our latest blog, some of the team on these programmes share their experiences, insights into their work and studies, including the game-changing eForms Showcase they have worked on. 

Access the latest blog here

We have a number of blogs live, including insights for delivery success, eradicating paper - the rise of the eForm and project adaptability at Wigan Council. Access the full blog library here. 

Newsworthy news is only a click away...

We are delighted to share your project stories with the public sector and technology readers across the media landscape. Your stories have been featured and recognised in the past few months by some leading titles below;

Congratulations to Wigan Council

If you haven't heard already, the team at NDL is delighted to share that Wigan Council has been named IESE's 2021 'UK Council of the Year'. We are thrilled that digital innovation has played such a vital part in the council's transformation agenda over recent times and we hope you join us in offering our congratulations to the council!

Click to read more about the win.

As members of the NDL Community, we want to hear about any of your recent achievements - so we can help promote these too. Please reach out to marketing@ndl.co.uk.


Playback – Project Showcase & NDL Communty event videos on demand

Throughout 2021, we have delivered several online Project Showcase events plus our NDL Community Summit this summer - turning our in-person TechFest into a jam-packed online programme. Our new concept webinars, and many of the sessions in the Summit programme, were hosted entirely by guest speakers from across the community. 

Too busy to attend, want a re-run or to share with a colleague?  

Below find a handy library of 15/20 minute presentations, either product-led or digital expert hosted sessions sharing replicable solutions - all to inspire your digital journey. 


RPA Projects  

App-based Projects  

Product/Technical Sessions






If you have any needs, great or small, whether it be training, consultancy, workshops (or to get hold of your 6-month FX open access pass) – please reach out to our Customer Success Team via 01937 543524 or customerservices@ndl.co.uk.

For the latest updates, news and events from NDL, we invite you to connect with us via our social channels 

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