Why join NDL?

Just want a job? – We’re probably not right for you. Want to join a team and have a fulfilling career? Then keep reading

The software and services we provide at NDL are used primarily by organisations delivering services to the public, helping them improve the quality of life for everyone. Every member of the NDL team takes pride in the results these amazing organisation achieve by working with us. As a result, coming to work becomes more than just a job, it’s something that makes you feel good and that you will want to share with others.

Nothing happens here without the dedication of the team and we’re getting better and better all the time. We all have one career and we realise how important it is to nurture that. This is why at NDL we place a great emphasis on rewarding and encouraging personal development. For example, we support staff in degree programs and provide bonuses to staff for attaining professional qualifications. This is because we know that these are great investments in all of our futures.

It’s not just team development that is important to us, we also work to create a great working environment.  Of course, we provide filtered water, soft drinks as well as the usual teas and coffees, but we also like to think it’s the little things like providing free fruit to encourage people to avoid the biscuit tin that help make a difference.

Our offices are new and built to exacting environmental standards.  We are located in a great setting with plenty of parking and access to public transport, being just a short walk from the town centre shops. Bike racks and showers are available for those who look at their commute as an opportunity to exercise, or you can join our lunchtime walkers and runners on one of their outings.

Add to this a great range of benefits, an opportunity to progress your career and a friendly, sociable team around you and it doesn’t get much better than this. So, if you are keen to develop your career, you have the right attitude, emotional intelligence and skills that you think can help us, then please do get in touch.

It doesn’t matter if you are a school leaver looking for alternatives to University, a new graduate looking for your first role, or  you're simply looking to move to the next level in your career. The fact that you take the initiative and get in touch with us already puts you ahead.

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"As a new member of the team I’ve felt really welcomed by the community atmosphere of the company, even though it’s virtual at the moment! There’s an ethos of supporting one another and continual improvement which I believe is strongly reflected in the quality of the work NDL does."

"NDL really does have a strong supportive culture promoting trust, supporting development and recognising efforts, which makes NDL a truly motivating place to work."  

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