11 a.m. Tuesday 14th December

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Digital Transformation: App Edition led by Wigan Council & Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

Join frontline digitisation experts from Wigan Council & Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for an exclusive digital Project Showcase, focusing on low-code mobile apps and eForms innovation.  

This online session sees pioneering organisations from UK health and local government delve into real-world front-end app projects and essentials for maintaining the pace of transformation. 

From revolutionary COVID-19 testing processes at iESE’s UK Council of the Year 2021, to streamlining patient observations to enhance mental health patient wellbeing, hosts share their experiences in taking a digital first, adaptable, and demand-based approach to transforming services in alignment with evolving government requirements. 


Part 1: Hosted by Steve Baldwin, Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager at Wigan Council

  • Selection for the national COVID-19 testing pilot scheme by UK central government, developing and implementing a unique citizen solution at pace whilst remaining agile. 
  • The utilisation of eForms throughout the COVID-19 test booking service – from public submissions to the delivery of results.  
  • The role of low-code eForms – for data capture efficiencies, meeting demand surges and swifter responses to 300,000 residents in times of crisis. 
  • Using eForm technology to maintain social distance practices in healthcare, while simultaneously closing the gap for human error.  


Part 2: Part 2: Hosted by Shaun Allcock, Head of Application Development at Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

  • Supporting essential mental health services by replacing outdated paper-based patient observations with a mobile app solution. 
  • The role of mobile apps in meeting variable patient needs, routine observations and increasing patient/clinician time across two NHS sites.  
  • The ways in which its new eObservations system has digitised clinical data capture - reducing clinical admin, paper wastage and lags in status reporting. 
  • An introduction to the Trusts eObvs dashboard.
  • The intrinsic use of mobile working in recording administered vaccination data across the Trust.  


Why attend?

By joining, you will learn exactly how Wigan Council & Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have overcome time-sensitive challenges with app-based platforms, capitalising on their versatility across several diverse, replicable applications and maximising ROI as part of an evolutionary long-term approach.  

Listen as public sector speakers share service-led transformation projects that have been delivered at their organisations, replicable to yours with a wealth of benefits. Both organisations have remained adaptable during project development and implementation, taking iterative and phased approaches - flexing digital solutions to meet the challenges of innovation in a changing landscape. You will learn just how fundamental project control is, for benchmarking and identifying improvements into future development phases, futureproofing for long-term relevance and success. Lastly, you will hear critical insights, top tips that may help to lay the foundations for your business case, and how low- code front-end technology could be an integral part of your digital strategy.  

Hit the registration button to secure your place! Once your registration has been validated with our team, you will be issued a unique private link on the day of the event, and instruction on how to access the project showcase. Online spaces are unlimited, so ensure to share this link with colleagues so that they too can register.  


About the series

Hosted by local government and healthcare leaders at the frontline of public sector innovation, this session is dedicated to all things apps, from project concept to completion. Hosts will share first-hand accounts, walking you through digital projects delivered at their organisations, whilst dispersing insights, tangible benefits and replicable innovations to inspire your digital journey.  


*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *