1 p.m. Tuesday 21st Sept

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

Public Sector Digital Transformation: Automation Projects in Local Government

This short webinar is packed full of real-life process automation stories, directly from our customers in Local Government. Join our team as we showcase and share with you a plethora of case studies from Portsmouth City Council, Norwich City Council, Swindon Borough Council and many more.

We will share how individual organisations have implemented digital technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve their service to their citizens, from specialist departments to corporate level usage in Finance, Operations and HR. By learning more about the projects undertaken by your peers this webinar aims to inspire your automation possibilities of digital working across local government.

Why not join us for the webinar where you can:

  • Learn exactly what RPA is, and how a digital workforce can be used to maximise investment across the breadth of your organisation.


  • Discover more about Norwich City Council's use of RPA to streamline the process for reporting deaths as part of the governments ‘Tell Us Once’ scheme.


  • Understand the ways in which Conwy Council is leveraging RPA to port mass data between systems - completing the migration of 12 million records in just 120 days


  • Find out exactly how Swindon Borough Council has leveraged SX to significantly reduce its manual processing time of free school meal requests.


  • Learn how South Norfolk Council are utilising RPA underpin systems across the organisation as part of its ‘lean’ service review.


  • Finally, enjoy a session summary, including next steps and your chance to ask questions


Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our new webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave this webinar with the steps Local Government organisations like you have taken to successfully adopt a digital transformation strategy. Also, we share key learnings from our 30-something years of experience in business transformation, and further learnings from our customer stories.

Also, look out for part-four of our series, pulling together everything we have learnt over the series as our final webinar dives into the mechanics of successfully delivering an RPA project. Interested in our other sessions? It is free and easy, so view our events calendar and secure your place on our upcoming sessions.


Hit the registration button to secure your place! Once your registration has been validated with our team, you will be issued a unique private link and instruction on how to access the webinar.