A digital-first public sector: The power of low-code front-end tech & ‘smart’ digital


As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

A digital-first public sector: The power of low-code front-end tech & ‘smart’ digital


The first of our three-part series provides you with an insight into front-end technologies – specifically the role of mobile apps and eForms in digital working practices and addressing data capture, security and management challenges.

The recent digital-first focus on UK health and citizen services has supercharged demand on paperless practice and in this session, you will learn exactly what front-end technologies are and the role of app-led technology in achieving your paperless initiatives. Over 45 minutes you will learn how low-code tools specifically, (easy ‘drag and drop’ environments to quickly create mobile apps or eForms) offer versatile capabilities as stand-alone solutions - as part of an end-to-end digital transformation initiative or purely combining front and back-office processes into one, integrated and seamless process. 

Join our myth-busting team as we de-mystify the ‘smart’ digital approach and the combinations of tools involved, as we get to the bottom of what makes digital ‘smart.’ We will discuss smart digital approaches that could be fundamental to you and the advances of AI and how you can incorporate this technology into your processes today.

Finally, we will explore real-world app-led project stories from healthcare and local authorities. The team will also provide a demonstration of a smart digital process, aiming to inspire your next project!


Why not join us for the webinar where we will discuss;

  • The possibilities of front-end technologies - exactly what low-code mobile apps and eForms are, and the wide-reaching capabilities as part of key technologies in transforming services.
  • Ways that you can continue to deliver on demand for complex digital transformation with smarter working practices - pairing mobile apps and eForms with AI, BI & Analytics and back-end technology such as RPA, to create smart digital workflows.
  • Key considerations for delivering successful digital projects and the steps to implementing a digital transformation agenda with minimal disruption to services.
  • Real-world examples from our customers at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Wigan Council, Home Group and more.
  • What makes digital 'smart' including a live demonstration of a smart transformation process led by our digital expert.
  • Our A-Z digital project methodology, an evolution NDL’s 40 years in public sector business transformation.
  • Summary of the session, including next steps and Q&A.


Why attend?

Designed exclusively for public sector professionals, you will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of mobile working options backed by NDL’s 40-years of business transformation in the public sector.

You will learn how mobile and web-based app tools can support the dedicated work of your essential teams, freeing up teams to focus on impactful people-centric work whilst reducing wasteful error-prone paper-based processes. You will also learn more about the flexibility of mobile apps & eForms alongside real-life project insights from our customer community, allowing you to gather ideas from your peers to take back to your organisation.

You will leave this session with a better understanding of smart digital transformation, and its usefulness to apply to your digital working practices. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the webinar is an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers in Housing, Healthcare and Local Government.


Hit the registration button to secure your place! Once your registration has been validated with our team, you will be issued with a unique private link and instructions on how to access the webinar. Do share this link with colleagues so that they too can register.

*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *