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Introducing: The eForm Showcase

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Previously the NDL “App Showcase”, NDL’s Delivery Team has recently expanded its pre-built downloadable application centre to include a range of eForms for customer use. The new and improved App and eForm Showcase was rolled out earlier this month, featuring a catalogue of helpful eForms designed specifically for public sector use. Including everything from digital PHQ-9 questionnaires to map-based fly-tipping reports, the growing showcase aims to provide faster implementations within the NDL Community.

What is the App and eForm Showcase?

The App and eForm Showcase is a collection of ready-made eForms and mobile applications, instrumental for licence holders of NDL’s FX and MX platforms. Crafted by NDL’s own development and project delivery experts, the new Showcase enables NDL’s public sector customers to deploy eForms more quickly than ever before – catering to their needs with a proactive approach to frontline digitisation.

The new eForm downloads join the existing App Showcase, a collection of app templates for download and use with the MX platform. The newly improved App and eForm Showcase now provides a vast and evolving collection of downloads - including UI and UX design, free to use project templates and advisory documents to accelerate digital transformations. The new additions include 15 brand-new WCAG 2.1 AA compliant eForms, such as:

  • New employee admin
  • Patient Health Questionnaire
  • Feedback form
  • Nutritional risk calculation
  • School place application
  • Local pension referral
  • Wound assessment tool
  • Consent form
  • And much more!

The showcase will be regularly updated with brand new eForms and Apps, ensuring the NDL Community has access to the latest public sector process digitisations. As we continue to explore new challenges with our customers, we want to provide each member of our community with access to the newest and most innovative approaches. If your organisation could benefit from a new addition to the App and eForm Showcase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas and any details of existing paper forms.

The eForm Showcase is more than just a set of form templates; we have put together resources to provide everything you need for an eForm project, from planning and management to design, development and testing.

“The goal is to create a faster, standardised and more efficient form development process. I hope this will help FX users to take their form building to the next level. My personal favourite resource included with eForm downloads is the FX Tips and Tricks document – it’s packed with valuable hacks for development!” – Lizzie Brightwell, NDL Delivery Consultant

“The FX showcase was created to help our customers improve their skills in the software. There are lots of forms with rich functionality to download on the website to give customers inspiration and ideas to create great forms! Alongside the documentation available to download can really help users speed up their development process whilst retaining a good-looking form thanks to the Cascading style sheets, UI guides and more!” – Owen Rayne, NDL Delivery Consultant

“We wanted the new eForm Showcase to really show off the potential of FX 1.5, a more streamlined way of creating eForms, what can be accomplished in just a short time span, and everything eForms can do for customers.

“The documents we decided to include within the eForm downloads are those that we believe provide the most knowledge and information to our customers, as well as those that we believe to be most useful – such as our Tips and Tricks and Stylesheet documents.” – Arran Benton, NDL Delivery Consultant

What’s included in each eForm package?

eForm downloads available on the App and eForm Showcase come loaded with all of the information needed to help achieve a successful FX project. Not only does the showcase provide access to pre-built forms, but you’ll also find a number of helpful documents in each ZIP file, including:

  • Project Scoping Tool: Find out whether your project is suitable for FX by establishing the requirements and features of the form.
  • Project Initiation Document (PID): A sample document used to outline the Design phase of a project, detailing the approach, scope, project plan, risks, and responsibilities.
  • Project RAID Log: A sample spreadsheet used to record the Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions in a project.
  • FX Tips and Tricks: A “cheat sheet” containing useful tips and tricks to know while developing an FX form.
  • Element Plan: A sample document used to plan the elements as they will appear on an FX form.
  • Testing Plan: A sample test plan used to check whether the form meets a given set of requirements, best practices, and whether it functions successfully.
  • UI Guides – NHS and Local Government: Documents detailing best practices for NHS and Local Government styling, layout, and design decisions in FX.
  • Stylesheets – NHS and Local Government: Stylesheets ready to upload to your FX project with pre-set NHS or Government styles to rapidly speed up development. These can be modified as you desire, but the hard work is already done.
  • Template eForms: A selection of eForms in project and live URL formats for you to experiment with and explore. Accessible via the App & eForm Showcase in the NDL Community Portal.

How to use the App and eForm Showcase

While anyone can browse the App and eForm Showcase, you’ll need to be a registered member of the NDL Community to access downloads. If you’re already part of our community, simply use your NDL Community Portal login credentials for unlimited showcase downloads. If you haven’t yet set-up your portal login, let us know here.

With collaboration at the forefront of our digital operations, we encourage all members of the NDL Community to share their methods and successes with the rest of the public sector. If you’d like to share and eForm produced by your own organisation, please do let us know – we’re constantly looking for new and helpful eForms to add to the showcase.

Want access to the NDL Community resources? Get in touch with a helpful member of our team to find out how Robotic Process Automation, mobile apps or eForms can benefit your organisation. To read more about our toolkits and services in action, don’t forget to review our success stories – and keep up to date with all of the latest industry news on our blog.