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Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust take their immunisations process paperless with NDL

NDL are proud to announce their latest eForm development toolkit (FX) customer, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Using NDL’s FX, the Trust have taken vital steps in their drive towards Digital delivery and Paperless agendas. They intend to create online consent forms to eliminate the heavy burden of paper, reduce clinical risk and improve an already highly successful immunisation programme.

The Trust is responsible for the immunisation of up to 150,000 children per annum. Traditionally, paper parental consent forms are used to deliver the vaccination programmes, but this process is cumbersome and time consuming with forms often getting misplaced between being sent home and returned to the immunisation team. This year using NDL’s FX eForms package, parents will be invited to submit the information online through a secure e-form which will be stored in a database within the Trust.

The benefits of an online system are numerous. As well as the obvious benefit of no longer needing to manage and store paper, the security, clarity and validity of the data will also improve significantly and will allow easier KPI reporting and provide valuable insights from the data collected. Electronic triage will also limit any vaccination waste in one seamless process. It is simpler and more time efficient for everyone involved and will enable the trust to have structured data to drill into uptake levels. The Trust is also looking to use FX in GDPR projects to ensure they adhere to the new, strict, GDPR regulations.

The Trust are delighted to be working with NDL and to experience the benefits and simplicity their FX package provides, particularly how quick and easy it is to design, develop and deploy the online forms.

Sheila Roberts, Clinical Service Manager of Immunisations at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust said, “Our South London immunisation teams are excited about the prospect of e-consents. With more than 150,000 consent forms to be distributed and returned next academic year, we needed to revolutionise the service, and this is our new innovation in readiness for GDPR.”

Declan Grogan, Managing Director of NDL said “We are delighted to make such a tangible contribution to helping the NHS in their vision to be paperless” 

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