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Newcastle City Council Improves Social Worker Services and Staff Safety with a new Visits Mobile Working App

NDL is proud to announce its latest Mobile Working (MX) customer, Newcastle City Council.  Using NDL’s MX, the Council has quickly developed an app alongside the social workers themselves to satisfy their needs and make improvements to the services they provide. 
The app supplies case information to the social workers on their phone and allows new case notes, observations and actions to be added to the family record, automatically updating the back-office system, CareFirst.
The mobile working app has dramatically reduced admin for the team of 155 social workers who make over 2500 visits each month by removing the need for them to spend time travelling back to the office and re-keying handwritten notes into the system, the result being a more motivated and effective team.
Senior Social Worker, Leigh Graham, said “A huge part of our time is spent typing things up and it really takes away from the time we get to spend with families. Around half of the week is spent typing up notes because there is so much reporting to be done”.
This new app also aims to address safeguarding risks using a feature which displays any risks associated with the visit to the social worker, and the use of geo-tagging which will alert the office team if a worker has been inactive for too long, maybe needing assistance.
The other benefits of the introduction of mobile working to social workers are numerous. As well as the obvious benefit of no longer needing to manage and store paper, the security and accuracy of the data has improved, as has social worker time-keeping and communication.
Joe Bradshaw, Senior ICT Solutions Analyst said:
“Our teams of social workers are really excited by this new mobile working app as they are freed up to spend more time with the service users”
Declan Grogan, Managing Director of NDL commented:
“We are delighted to be working alongside Joe and the team at Newcastle to help them to make such great progress on delivering their Agile agenda and embracing mobile working”.