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Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust improves its immunsations consent process by going paperless

The Challenge

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) is responsible for overseeing and carrying out the immunisation of up to 180,000 school-aged children across its six South London boroughs, as part of the National Childhood Immunisations Programme.

HRCH felt that its existing paper-based process was inefficient and cumbersome. The Trust had encountered several issues around the reliability of its current method, as consent forms would often go missing in transit, causing delays and even drop-outs from the immunisation programme. In addition to the impact it had on uptake, it also presented a risk to safeguarding and GDPR compliance.

The Trust wanted a solution that would deliver a more efficient, accurate and secure service. It was important that the solution would eliminate its heavy paper burden while still being able to handle large amounts of data.

The Solution

HRCH selected FX, NDL’s eForms toolkit, to develop and deploy a new eConsent process that replaced the paper-based system. the solution enables the Trust to distribute forms, receive consent and improve its immunisation schedule, whilst being truly paperless.

This new process has allowed parents to submit information online via a secure link which is provided by the Trust and sent to parents using the school’s standard communication channels. This information is submitted in real-time to a database within the Trust, ultimately improving the security of its data and streamlining its process.

During the pilot phase HRCH developed a programme for HPV which was piloted in 12 schools, with a total cohort of 1266. They received 922 responses, meaning the Trust achieved a 73% response rate - establishing HRCH as the most successful trust for immunisations in London.

The Immunisation eConsent Program enables HRCH to electronically triage its information, so that the trust can order the correct vaccines for the correct session with more accuracy, reducing vaccination waste at the Trust. In addition, the programme has made HRCH’s process 100% paperless.

The Benefits

The Immunisation eConsent system has allowed HCRH to:

  • Have a more convenient and reliable method of collecting parental consent
  • Unlock the potential for better data analysis, resulting in increased efficiency and improved care
  • Improve security of data and GDPR compliance
  • Save money by electronically triaging its data which reduces the amount of wasted vaccine and paper used.
  • Improve the quality of the data recorded

What's Next?

HRCH are developing an Offline Immunisation App using MX, NDL’s Mobile Working Toolkit, that is designed to replicate much of the behaviour found in their online administration. The mobile solution will provide all the required functionality needed for its immunisation team to perform their sessions out in the field, without the need for a Wi-Fi signal. 

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“We are delighted with the benefits that our new digital consent system has brought to the Immunisation Teams and to our Schools in our area of care. It is a huge step forward in our journey to a paperless future and GDPR compliance.” 

Sheila Roberts, Clinical Service Manager of Immunisations