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Hounslow & Richmond Stock Staff Immunisations

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust achieves highest staff immunisations uptake to date with paperless consent.

The Challenge

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) wanted a way to improve its process for Staff Flu Immunisation. The Trust wanted the ability to receive vaccination consent and triage digitally in a secure manner that complied with GDPR, as part of its Staff Flu Programme.

Historically, the immunisations team at HRCH found it challenging to achieve high vaccination uptake from staff who often prioritise the vaccination of their patients over receiving immunisations themselves. HRCH’s new process needed to allow its staff to quickly and easily consent to vaccinations while on the move, using any device, while also allowing the Trust to utilise the Immunisation Team’s time more efficiently.

The Solution

Based on the success of the Trusts previous eForms implementation for Childhood Flu Immunisation, HRCH implemented a new eConsent process as part of its Staff Flu programme. HRCH used FX, NDL’s eForms toolkit, to develop eForms that ensure its personnel receive the immunisations they require, protecting its staff and patients without negatively affecting productivity or patient care.

HRCH’s new process involves staff receiving eForms from the Trust via email. Alongside the eForm, staff will be able to see the ‘Patient Information Leaflet’ which ensures they have the appropriate information to make an informed decision regarding their care. Once informed, staff can complete the form with their consent or rejection, in their own time and on their own device. The completed form is automatically sent to the Trust upon submission, where the data can be digitally triaged, ready for the session.

The Benefits

HRCH circulated its new eConsent form to all its staff and have since increased uptake to 86% while its return rate currently stands at 96%. In addition, the Staff Flu eConsent System has allowed HRCH to:

  • Share information in a simple and effective manner
  • Improve its ability to resolve any outstanding consent forms and plan sessions more effectively
  • Save money by ordering the correct quantity of vaccines, based on live data captured
  • Collect and analyse consent data more effectively using its inbuilt reporting tool
  • Prevent the loss of confidential information, ensuring that the Trust is GDPR compliant

What's Next?

HRCH continues to develop and enhance its eConsent system to maximise its potential. The Trust intends to set up an automatic report system that will allow the Trust to monitor its processes and find ways to improve its uptake.

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“The FX tool has allowed us to adapt one of our existing implementations and use it to help aid our staff flu programme. We have achieved our best uptake to date, and we are already looking at how we can build upon our success going forward.” 

Sheila Roberts, Clinical Service Manager of Immunisations