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Supporting NHS & healthcare, local government, housing, policing and education organisations across the UK

Transform public sector services with NDL Evolve

The result of over 40 years' experience in supporting the UK public sector, the NDL Evolve Digital Transformation Platform is designed to uplift, transform and expand your services. Unlock the art of the possible with robotic process automation (RPA), mobile apps, eForms, workflows and API connections - all within low and no-code environments.

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Unlock the art of the possible

  • Eradicate manual, rekeying and paper-based data processes
  • Relieve administrative burdens and give back time for the work that really matters
  • Integrate and synchronise back-office systems
  • Improve staff and public experience while providing digital-first services
  • Enhance data sharing and provide access to data away from base
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies, such as cognitive services
Front-end Digitisation

Integrate, view and capture data directly in back office systems with apps and eForms, enhancing mobile working and digital-first services

Process Automation

Implement RPA to streamline repetitive, rule-based tasks, relieving public sector teams of administrative burdens

Integrated Workflow

Combine digital capabilities and create fully autonomous workflows, streamlining processes and achieving maximum efficiency

Simplified Connections

Overcome barriers with no-code API connections, allowing you to harness the power of web services, cognitive services and the latest available technologies

Community Collaboration

Accelerate your journey with the help of a large and growing public sector community - sharing projects, knowledge and wisdom through industry-leading events and case studies

Expert Services

Our Yorkshire-based experts are backed by over 40 years' experience supporting the public sector; they're here to help you with everything from training to project delivery


What do our customers say?

Join our wide community of users and share in their experience and expertise. Here's a selection of our latest Customer Stories.

Huge time savings

“ Since the introduction of the RPA process, there have been huge time savings. We no longer have to sit and work through long lists of new starter registrations. We're so impressed with how NDL's bot process has worked for us so far - we'd really like to work with NDL further. ”
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Lesley Barrett
Head of Digital Training & Identity Services
The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
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100% success rate

“ Once Breathing Space went live, we knew that whether we did have 1,000 or 10,000 applications, the system would be able to cope with it. We haven’t had any issues with it, everything’s been processed with a 100% success rate. ”
Norwich City Council Company Logo
Stuart Filmer
Lead Developer
Norwich City Council
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The process staff were calling out for

“ Automation has truly been transformational to our ability to deliver quick and easy access to great care. This process was one that our staff have been calling out for. They identified early on that we could provide our patients with better information to help them make choices in their care. The reality however was having enough time and people to deliver this. This automation initiative has transformed that. ”
Dan Smith
Head of Operations
Circle Integrated Care
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Exceeded the Council's expectations

“ NDL’s Robotic Process Automation exceeded the council’s expectations and helped garner full organisational buy-in, before quickly progressing to live automation, making processing Free School Meals applications easier than ever before. ”
Swindon BC
Sarah Talbot
Emerging Technologies Lead
Swindon Borough Council
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