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Developed after 40 years' experience in supporting public sector digital transformation, NDL's Evolve Platform is specifically designed for healthcare and NHS, local government, policing, social housing and higher education organisations. Aiming to relieve public sector teams of monotonous administrative burdens to give time back for the work that really matters, Evolve provides comprehensive digital technologies in low and no-code formats - allowing them to be used without advanced coding experience. Built to create solutions that improve public services, Evolve makes it easy to streamline processes to enhance patient and resident experience, as well as internal capabilities.

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Digitise data capture with apps and eForms accessible from anywhere

  • Integrate data capture directly with back-office systems 
  • Improve user experience with UI-led front-end interfaces 
  • Capture data from anywhere with browser-accessible eForms and mobile apps, online or offline
  • Unlock data trapped in images, videos, GPS locations and more with native-like features 
  • Provide digital-first services for internal teams, patients and residents

Automate repetitive, admin-heavy processes

  • Eliminate rekeying and paper-based processes 
  • Save resources and give time back for the work that really matters
  • Relieve administrative burden and achieve significant time-savings 
  • Complete repetitive, rule-based tasks without error 
  • Gain 24/7 processing for maximum efficiency 
  • Improve data accuracy and security with automated processing 
  • Finally tackle backlogs and large volume tasks, such as data migration and synchronisation
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Streamline and integrate digital processes with dynamic workflows

  • Seamlessly integrate and utilise capabilities across the Evolve Platform - combining automations, apps, eForms and web services
  • Expand interaction between systems and processes with full integration
  • Easily link workflows together to simplify complex processes with an agile approach
  • Achieve multi-step data processing, communicating with multiple disparate locations in one process

Connect to web services and APIs

  • Take advantage of the latest technologies, such as cognitive services 
  • Enhance capabilities without advanced experience within a no-code studio 
  • Simply and utilise web services to streamline and uplift both internal and public experience
  • Seamlessly integrate systems and data with API connections 
  • Save and reuse a directory of connections for accelerated projects
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Accelerate transformation with help from the experts

Backed by over 40 years' experience in supporting the UK public sector, our project services are here to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. From application health checks and support desk queries, to training and project delivery - all of our services are lead by your requirements. 

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