Education Services

Bolster in-house skillsets, capabilities and self sufficiency with the NDL Academy
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Training with the NDL Academy

Delivered through the NDL Academy, we offer a wide range of both curriculum and bespoke training courses to bolster your in-house skillsets and capabilities. Ensuring your organisation has all of the necessary skills to make the very most of your NDL products, our training courses are specifically designed to progress your digital team members from foundation to practitioner level.

Developer training
Our curriculum-based training courses are all designed with public sector use cases in mind. Delivered remotely, or in-person on request, we limit courses to 3 places to provide the best possible learning experience. Whether you’re new to our software, looking to refresh your skills or master complex techniques – our foundation, advanced and practitioner-level courses support your organisation in making the very most of your software investment with us.
Tailored courses
Looking for training with a more specific outcome in mind? While all of our training courses provide the skills, advice and learning to best utilise our software, we also offer bespoke training packages to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Whether it be a particular project requiring the development of specialist skillsets, or a single identified pain point, our bespoke training packages are designed to address your organisation’s individual and circumstantial needs.
Designed specifically to guide an individual from foundation level to advanced practitioner, our mentorship scheme is delivered throughout the delivery of your organisation’s chosen project. While each mentorship is specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements, the programme consists of formal training and weekly one-to-one mentorship sessions - all based on an individual skills analysis and defined learning plan - as well as a health check to provide assurance and to ensure all the learning has been applied correctly.

Interested in developing your digital skills?

Our delivery experts are always on hand to help your team make the very most of any NDL product. No matter your requirements, we’re here to inspire, share knowledge and educate - allowing you and your organisation to get the best possible value from your NDL software.