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NDL Flow makes creating, running, and managing complex workflows a breeze without writing any code. It allows you to easily create highly effective end-to-end integrations, joining disparate systems into a seamless process that gets your data where you need it to be, when you need it to be there. This allows you to transform and optimise new, and existing, business processes to save you time, money, and resources.

NDL Flow is a no-code workflow product that allows organisations to visually create integrated workflows that elevate their business processes. These processes, or ‘Flows’, are created in the intuitive, Microsoft Office style, ‘Flow Studio’ using a ‘drag-and-drop’ Storyboard builder. A Flow, therefore, can be created in much the same way a user would traditionally document a business process. Simply create a new Storyboard, add and describe each step, and a flow chart is created; except with Flow, it’s so much more than just a picture on a page.

Each point in your Flow becomes interactive, from start to finish, with Activities such as monitoring inputs, making decisions, and triggering external behaviours. Each Activity is graphically configured, without the need for code, to customise its behaviour to your exact requirement. This no-code approach makes workflow creation achievable by business managers or analysts, reducing your reliance on specialist development resources. This saves you time and money, while increasing productivity in the creation, running, and monitoring of business processes.

Multi-step Data Processing

Using advanced, graphically defined, decision-based logic, Flow can process data through complex multi-step processes. Flows can send and receive data to/from multiple disparate locations, processing and transforming it as required, outputting it to single or multiple destinations concurrently, be they additional steps, flows, API’s or data stores. These steps can take place immediately one after the other, or based on rule-based escalations, such as human decision making, time periods, etc.

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Pre-built Activities

Widening your organisation’s digital capabilities, Flow features a wide range of workflow Activities to incorporate into your process, allowing your organisation to easily uplift and evolve digital processes. You’ll find a range of pre-built activities straight out of the box, such as:

  • Data transformation
  • Logical decision making
  • Monitoring and sending emails
  • Triggering mobile push or toast notifications
  • Database and Web Service (APIs) via NDL Connect technology

This allows Flow creators with no coding experience to shape workflow storyboards with ease.

Distributed Architecture

Putting your organisation in control of its data, Flow’s server-agent architecture enables processes to run in public, private, hybrid, and community cloud configurations. This allows different systems, across different cloud locations and even in different organisations, to communicate and work together as one. This means that Flow can support public sector data sharing and shared services models as well meeting your own organisations’ specific goals and requirements.

Data Complexity

Flow Features

Flow Studio
An intuitive no-code design environment for creating your workflows through drag-and-drop storyboards
Flow Templates
Get ready-made workflows, like app and eForm submission monitoring and email triggers
Flow Community Library
Made by the public sector for the public sector - download and share templates within the NDL community
Nest and Chain Flows
Flows can be run standalone, linked to each other in chains, or nested within each other, allowing complex workflows to built in stages
Individual Flows can be enabled and disabled as needed, with internal functions and processes being run according to date, time, and resource schedules
Extended Activities
Advanced developers can also create and run custom code components and plugins ,which in turn can be made available to no-code users
Flow utilises strong security technologies to protect your data at transit, and at rest, with state-of-the-art encryption
Only authorised administrators can view, configure, and manage Flows, enabling and disabling individual processes and functions as required
NDL Hub Technology
Consisting of a central server and management interface, Hub unifies Automate, Digitise, Connect, and Flow
Comprehensive online documentation
Every product within the NDL Evolve Transformation Platform is supported by in-depth technical documentation, accessible online 24/7
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