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NDL Digitise puts front-end digitisation back into the hands of your organisation. Enabling mobile working and intelligent data capture through bespoke mobile apps and eForms - Digitise is a scalable, secure and low-code tool that facilitates innovation for both advanced developers and those with little coding experience.

Putting your organisation in control of the design, deployment and management of digitisation projects, Digitise makes it easy to create bespoke, cross-platform apps and eForms for use both on and offline. Enhancing your organisation’s capabilities to securely capture, view, and share data – Digitise is purpose-built to improve service delivery, security, and integration throughout public sector operations. 

Digitise is designed and continues to evolve, with the UK public sector in mind. Providing your organisation with capabilities specifically suited to removing paper-based processes, improving data accuracy and security, and elevating UX – Digitise can improve both the experience of your service users, as well as your own team. Depending on your requirements, the tool allows your creators to digitise processes through two main methods – mobile apps and web-based eForms.

  • Enhance staff and public outcomes with user experience in mind
  • Capture and view rich data in back-office systems through optimised interfaces
  • Eliminate paper-based processes for efficient, environmentally conscious operations
  • Enable remote and offline working with added security and synchronisation abilities
  • Build new applications and business processes (services) that integrate with your existing systems
  • Improve data accuracy and security with structured data capture 
  • Reduce administrative overheads and save time for the people-driven work that really matters

Digitise Apps

Digitise enables the creation of optimised mobile apps, compatible with most common devices. Often deployed in mobile working processes, apps allow the streamlined input, viewing and editing of information through an intuitive interface, designed to guide your user through processes accurately and efficiently. Used on or offline, they provide richer data capture in a range of working environments.

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Digitise Forms

Digitise also facilitates the creation of beautiful and modern eForms - fully responsive without the need for coding. Thanks to Digitise’s feature-rich functionality, these eForms create an outstanding end-user experience, allowing services to capture data internally and externally through web-based forms. Allowing for the collection of verified, congruent and applicable data remotely, eForms are often used in public-facing operations or to resurface legacy systems.

Access from anywhere

Many public sector organisations implement mobile apps and eForms for their teams on the frontlines, working across a range of remote environments - from council officers out in the community, to nurses providing care across wards and clinics. Both mobile apps and eForms remove paper-based recording risks and limitations – mobile apps can be used anywhere, especially useful where signal coverage is unreliable, and eForms can be accessed through a secure browser.  

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Advanced data capture

Digital working unlocks a host of new opportunities – whether that be extended methods of data capture, or the ability to harness essential correspondence from the general public. With the use of eForms and mobile apps, your organisation can easily upload multiple file formats – such as videos, photos and even GPS coordinates - allowing recipients to provide in-depth information from anywhere, at any time. 

Data validation and verification

Both mobile app and eForm interfaces can be specifically designed to ensure clean and congruent data is captured throughout any applicable process. Features such as formatted and mandatory fields, drop-down options and checkboxes all restrict the user’s ability to input incorrect information - instantly improving data accuracy. Digital is better than paper. 

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Integrate with existing systems and services

Completely replacing legacy business systems and processes isn’t always the most feasible (or even beneficial) approach to take. Luckily, with the use of digitisation tools such as eForms and mobile apps, an existing process can be completely revolutionised without wholesale changes to the back office. Avoiding the removal of legacy systems and existing processes, we can enable a modern and user-friendly method of collecting and sharing information. 

Digitise Features

Digitise Studio
A drag-and-drop studio, providing intuitive low-code eForm and mobile app creation
Digitise Templates
Download, customise and use ready-built apps and eForms from a library of Digitise templates
Digitise Community Library
Share and use apps and eForms created by public sector organisations in the NDL community
Protects data with strong 256 AES encryption of local storage and data at rest and in transit
A comprehensive management interface allows only authorised administrators to view, configure, and manage Digitise forms and apps
NDL Hub Technology
Consisting of a central server and management interface, Hub unifies Automate, Digitise, Connect, and Flow
Comprehensive online documentation
Every product within the NDL Evolve Transformation Platform is supported by in-depth technical documentation
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Transform with Digitise

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