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Simplify integration with no-code web services & APIs
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Simplify web services without a single line of code

NDL Connect removes a long-standing barrier to integrating disparate systems together using Digital Transformation technologies, finally allowing APIs to be leveraged without advanced expertise. This significantly reduces the time and cost of your projects, letting you do more, faster. 

APIs, in the form of Web Services, are an essential part of today’s digital transformation landscape. Unfortunately, they are often extremely difficult to use requiring skills well beyond those of a typical workflow, eForm, mobile app, or robotic process automation (RPA) creator. Connect removes this complexity by providing a codeless, visual way to interact with complex web services. This allows organisations to finally use APIs to transform their processes, integrate with existing systems and exploit the latest online digital services

Access APIs and Web Services
Expand your capabilities without extensive coding experience thanks to no-code connections and an easy-to-use studio
Make intelligent connections
Utilise cognitive services and artificial intelligence (AI) easily within workflows, automations, apps and eForms
Improve public services
Streamline processes using the latest technologies, enhancing services and improving efficiency for patient and resident experience
  • Solves the back-office systems integration challenge
  • Simplifies integrating eForms, apps, workflows, and automations
  • Uses a codeless, visual experience to put creators in control
  • Provides a gateway to online cognitive and digital services
  • Converts between Web Services and databases
  • Creates and publishes new, simplified, Web Services
  • Facilitates the conversion between different Web Service types
  • Enables custom transformations to be defined to extend its capability
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Simplify Web Services

In many cases, vendor supplied Web Services will be complex, supporting multiple data functions and elements within a single Web Service. Using Connect, these complex Web Services can be broken into several smaller, more manageable Connectors with each designed to achieve a single goal. Using this approach, you can produce a series of easily understood, genuinely usable Connectors, that can be more easily incorporated into your business processes. Each Connector will automatically handle the process of communicating with the more complex target web services, without this being visible to the process creator.

Unlock Intelligence

Take advantage of the wide range of AI and Cognitive Services such as image and form recognition, sentiment analysis and translation. Connect simplifies the typically complex web services required to access intelligent services, allowing them to be incorporated into all business processes easily. Furthermore, Connect provides a service-agnostic approach to using AI and Cognitive Services, allowing you to select the best service at the time, without needing to alter your business process.

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Access Common Data Services

Using pre-defined or new Connectors, access commercially available data sharing web services, such as post code lookups, weather forecasts, and dynamic routing optimisation from within your business processes. These services, whether cloud-hosted or on-premise, allow you to significantly increase the breadth of data accessible to your business processes, increasing their ability.

Integrate Data

Seamlessly integrate industry applications and back-office systems within your organisation’s processes, using web service APIs and databases through a single, streamlined, mechanism. Connect allows you to combine multiple services into a single, simplified interface to enable the input and output of data to/from processes as required.


Connect Features

Connect Studio
An intuitive, no-code design environment for creating your web service integrations
Connect Templates
Access a range of pre-built connections to get you started
Connect Community Library
Share and download community-built connections, designed specifically for and by your sector
Web Services Directory
Find all of the APIs available within your organisation in a single, up-to-date location
Web Services Conversion
Convert between Web Service and database types, allowing your processes to access data in natively supported formats
Use industry standard technologies to write custom transformation plugins
Benefit from secure connections with specialist encryption and data protection technology
All actions within the system are fully audited, ensuring your security policies are achieved
NDL Hub Technology
Consisting of a central server and management interface, Hub unifies Automate, Digitise, Connect, and Flow
Comprehensive online documentation
Every product within the NDL Evolve Transformation Platform is supported by in-depth technical documentation, accessible online 24/7
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