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End-to-end digital transformation for the public sector
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NDL | Evolve Digital Transformation Platform

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The result of over four decades of experience in public sector technology and project delivery, Evolve is specifically designed to uplift digital processes across the UK’s NHS & healthcare, local authority, policing, housing, and higher education organisations.

Comprised of four core products, Evolve enables the powerful digitisation, automation and integration of data-driven processes - unlocking advanced technical capabilities without the need for advanced coding experience. Select each product logo to learn more about Digitise, Connect, Automate & Flow.

NDL | Flow

Streamline processes and services with no-code workflows 

Create, run and manage complex workflows without writing any code. Flow allows you to create highly effective end-to-end integrations easily, joining disparate systems into a seamless process that gets your data where it needs to be, when you need it to be there. Combine the power of the wider Evolve Platform to transform and optimise new and existing business processes - saving you time, money, and resources - with prebuilt activities in a graphic-led development studio. Select another product logo to learn more about the wider Evolve Platform.

NDL | Automate

Expand your workforce with low-code intelligent automation

Automate, NDL's robotic process automation (RPA) software, relieves public sector organisations of repetitive digital tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and capacity. Emulating otherwise manual processes – such as record migration, data rekeying or cleansing – RPA provide a simple and effective way to streamline your day-to-day administration with intelligent automations. Select another product logo to learn more about the wider Evolve Platform.

NDL | Connect

Simplify integration with no-code web services & APIs

Connect simplifies interaction with complicated web services without requiring the user to write a single line of code. It removes a long-standing barrier to integrating disparate systems using digital transformation technologies, finally allowing APIs to be leveraged across the public sector - without advanced expertise. This significantly reduces the time and cost of your projects, letting you do more, faster. Select another product logo to learn more about the wider Evolve Platform.

NDL | Digitise

Transform data capture with low-code apps & eForms

Digitise puts front-end digitisation back into your own hands. Enabling mobile working and remote data capture through bespoke mobile apps and eForms, Digitise is a scalable, secure and low-code tool that facilitates innovation for both advanced developers and those with little coding experience. Take advantage of ready-built elements and activities, as well as Connect API & Web Service integration. Select another product logo to learn more about the wider Evolve Platform.

End-to-end digital transformation for the public sector

Four technologies are better than one. Combining the power of digital data capture, automation, APIs, web services and workflow allows your organisation to revolutionise processes - from front-end interactions to back-office synchronisation - without reinventing the wheel. Uplift existing infrastructure, eradicate rekeying and boost efficiency without the need for advanced coding skills. Improving public services has never been easier.

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Unlock the art of the possible
Expand your digital capabilities without the need to improve your code abilities - create mobile apps, eForms, automations, workflows and Web Service connections within low and no-code studios.
Streamline existing processes
Improve efficiency, accuracy and security with digital data capture and processing - all while relieving administrative burdens for public sector professionals. Remove rekeying, paper-based processes and monotonous tasks.
Improve and expand your services
Give time back for the work that really matters - improve patient and resident experience, support new services and provide digital-first convenience to your service users.
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Get help from the experts

Creating solutions in Evolve's low and no-code studios is a breeze - but sometimes it's not know-how we're missing, it's capacity. We're still here to help. NDL Services aims to accelerate your organisation's digital transformation in any way we can. Benefit from world-class support and project delivery services, providing an extra pair of hands or driving your transformation entirely. And, if you would like to improve in-house skills, don't hesitate to enrol in the NDL Academy and progress from foundation to practitioner level. 

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