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Our Digital Transformation Platform
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    Mobile Working
    Enable effective Mobile Working using our mobile app platform, MX
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    Create secure, well designed, user friendly eForms that integrated with your back office systems, using FX
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    Remove repetitive administrative tasks and create a digital workforce using our Robotic Process Automation suite SX
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MX: Mobile App Platform

MX is a scalable, secure and easy-to-use low-code toolkit that puts you in control of mobile app design, deployment and management.

FX: Create eForms

FX is an easy-to-use toolkit that allows you to design, distribute and manage powerful eForms. The simple “drag and drop” studio is something that your average MS Powerpoint user can use to create great looking eForms. 

More technical users can take advantage of our unique extensibility features to create powerful new applications.

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SX: Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks with our Robotic Process Automation engine, SX.

Remove costly, repetitive manual processes and deploy teams in more important areas where they can really add value.