Pest Control

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App description

Pest Control is an app aimed at allowing officers the ability to view their jobs whilst out of the office and also to record data relevant to their visits in order for later processing. Using this mobile application, pest control officers are able to clearly see their list of jobs for that day, with the option of updating their lists on the go enabling officers to see jobs that have been added later in the day without having to return to the office.

Pest Control formats information in an easy to read way that allows each officer access to information for each job and view information from previous trips to the property. It includes the option of looking at the treatment history from the property; viewing details of the customer’s complaint; viewing the customers contact information; and the ability to add details about the customer and treatments that are being used on the job. By making it easy to view, edit and add information from anywhere customer's and officers can be kept up to date on what’s happening at any time.