Case Study Videos

Newcastle City Council is improving staff safety and streamlining services within social care through the use of a mobile app. Hear Joe Bradshaw, Newcastle City Council's Senior ICT Solutions Analyst and Leigh Graham, a Senior Social Worker at Newcastle City Council, talk about the new Social Worker Visits App that the council developed using MX, NDL's Mobile Working Toolkit. 

Black Country have used SX, NDL's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, to migrate data from three smaller systems into Oasis, the Trust's main Patient Administration System (PAS). The Trust have migrated over 60,000 patient index records, as well as approximately 80,000 referrals, in just three weeks using the simple RPA tool. We interviewed Colin Aldridge, Senior Solutions Architect, and Steve Clifton, Senior Information Systems Developer, from the Trust's Transformation department, about the project that they undertook and the benefits RPA has presented them with.


Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust is improving patient care through mobile working. Watch Fiona Donnelly, Consultant with the Home Treatment Team, passionately discuss the benefits for her colleagues and patients in and around Manchester. She is joined by Peter Horgan, Associate Director, Infomatics and Development and a partisan for digital transformation in the NHS, explaining the implementation of a mobile version of their PAS. This scalable solution offers better patient care, modern security standards and empowers staff to access key information in an instant.

Norwich City Council orginally selected NDL's Robotic Process Automation software, SX, in 2012, to help create a consistent set of data for each citizen across many different systems. They have now streamlined the process for reporting deaths as part of the government's 'Tell Us Once' scheme. This has saved the council significant time and money, and enhanced customer service at a highly sensitive time in citizens' lives. We interviewed Paul Gooch, of LGSS, and Tina Pocklington, Head of Customer Service, who explain how this has made a huge difference to the quality of their data and the efficiency of the team.