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Swindon Borough Council's award-winning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project highlighted by Virgin Media Business

Swindon Borough Council's digital-first response to an unprecedented 2000% increase in Free School Meals Applications features in Virgin Media Businesses 'Transforming the UK economy' 2021 Report.


Head of Revenues and Benefits, Patrick Knight, shares how Medway Council has saved 70,000 administrative hours with RPA

A digital workforce at the local authority comprising of more than 40 robots operats around the clock to complete the work and the process enabled the team to deep clean data, significantly improving quality and accuracy.


Conwy County Council shares lessons from RPA launch

The local authority shares valuable transformation lessons from its first few months of using robotic process automation. The council made its move to using RPA during a time of significant change, and so far, has made good progress in meeting its ambitions.


NDL's Head of Digital Engagement, Tom Wright explains the part automation plays in plugging the gap between front and back office

Read more about how finding the right combinations of humans, robots and AI delivers a big step forwards for digital transformation.


Warwickshire County Council named NDL Community Awards 2020 category winners of Driving Value Award

Warwickshire County Council has received a national award for its suite of mobile apps, recognising the widespread achievements digital technology has helped to facilitate across many departments.


BCHC named NDL Community Awards 2020 category winners of Overall Digital Project of the Year - Mobile Apps & eForms

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC) has received an award for the innovative and timely use of digital transformation technology in response to the pandemic.


Catch up: AI & Bots4Good, hosted by UKA

NDL customers Swindon Borough Council, Conwy County Borough Council and West Suffolk NHS Trust discuss the very latest in RPA & AI at their organisations, joined also by NDL's Head of Digital Engagement.


NDL Community Award winners celebrated for their excellence in digital transformation

The best examples of digital transformation in the public sector and NHS are being celebrated as the NDL Community Awards 2020 winners are unveiled.


NDL Community Award-winning Swindon Borough Council staff have earned Swindon Food Collective a £500 donation prize

In recognition of their work, the Emerging Technologies team at Swindon Borough Council received the NDL Changing Lives Award at the software organisation's annual community awards ceremony. They won a trophy and a £500 charity donation from the firm, and council leader David Renard and chief executive Susie Kemp chose Swindon Food Collective to further support families in the region.


Swindon Borough Council unveils ‘innovative approach’ to free school meals demand surge

Swindon Borough Council has employed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve processing efficiency, enhance the safeguarding of citizen data and manage high application volumes as part of its Free School Meals programme, resulting in a 66% reduction in application turnaround time for parents and carers. 

Emergency planning hub introduced at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The COVID-19 Contingency Planning Hub helped the trust to manage the pandemic locally by allowing it to track its operations and coordinate the effort of its 4,500 members of staff, as well as the approximate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust approaches pandemic with a digital-first attitude

By utilising NDL's eForm technology, FX, the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC) has prioritised the safety of it's staff, managed and organised PPE supplies, and preserved thousands of crucial hours with the swift mobilisation of a COVID-19 Contingency Planning Hub. 

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust develop an innovative new Photography App, positively impacting its health service and delivering on its Global Digital Exemplar status

Using MX, NDL’s Mobile App Platform, the trust has developed a photography app, giving clinicians the ability to easily capture and safely store patient records with the help of NDL’s RPA tool. With humble beginnings in the Plastic Surgery department, the App hanow been rolled out across multiple departments at the Trust including Podiatry, Ophthalmology and Occupational Health. 

NDL offers free e-Form software licenses supported by dedicated training to its community.

NDL recognised some customers used digital forms to quickly capture data as part of their COVID-19 response plans. Free for six months, FX, NDL’s easy-to-use e-form platform, complete with access to a library of templates was provided to help its Public Sector community.  

NDL Streamlines Moray Council's Mobile Service.

Moray Council has centralised all of its customer services, including mobile housing repairs, to a single contact centre using NDL's awiMX and awi SX integration software. www.housing-technology.com

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust take their immunisations process paperless with NDL

Using software developed by NDL, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, are hoping to create online consent forms in a bid to reduce clinical risk.

Major player in UK public sector RPA and mobile sphere lands in New Zealand

NDL Software Ltd, a specialist provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Integration software tools are delighted to announce their expansion into the New Zealand market. NDL bring over 35 years of IT expertise in a variety of public sector, health and corporate industries.

Major player in UK public sector RPA and mobile sphere lands in New Zealand

NDL Software Ltd, a specialist provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Integration software tools are delighted to announce their expansion into the New Zealand market. NDL bring over 35 years of IT expertise in a variety of public sector, health and corporate industries and are looking to work with similar clients and partners across New Zealand. The market for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in New Zealand is forecast to rise exponentially over the next three years. NDL has long-established proven experience in RPA, working with many of the back-office systems that are being used by Health and Public Administration organisations in New Zealand today.

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust digitises school immunisation consent process

Gone are the days of manually collecting the immunisation consent forms of more than 400 schools in Hertfordshire. As of September, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust successfully digitised the National Flu Immunisation (consent) process for schools in the area. Billy Aspinall, assistant director of Performance and Information at the trust said not only has it made the process more efficient for parents, but it has also contributed to significant admin, time and triaging benefits.

A robotic revolution? Newcastle City Council frees up staff days by swapping humans for machines

Robotic software has saved a cash-strapped council more than £1m and freed up hundreds of staff days as human jobs are carried out by machines, it can today be revealed. Newcastle City Council has freed up 574 staff days and saved a ‘non-cashable’ £151,000 per year due to an investment in the state-of-the-art technology.

Staff culture holding back mobile working in the public sector, report says

Staff culture is still the most common reason for mobile working projects failing in the public sector, according to a new report on mobile working. The survey of over 200 respondents from local government and NHS explored people’s thoughts and experiences with regard to mobile working.

Councils turn to mobile working to fight cuts and improve services

A number of local authorities are successfully responding to cuts in funding through implementing mobile working for their field-based staff. Teams such as highways, planning, repairs and refuse collections are achieving significant time efficiencies while also reducing costs through effective app-based mobile access to key back-office systems.


DigitalHealth.Net: Industry Round-up

NHS organisations win at NDL awards: Both the NHS South East Commissioning Support Unit and Mersey Care NHS Trust were among the winners at the NDL Awards. NHS South East CSU picked up the Most Innovative Project for its toolkit to analyse a patient’s healthcare history to identify those at high risk of future hospital admission. Mersey Care won Best Mobile Project for two apps it developed for Ashworth Hospital, a high security psychiatric hospital.

Councils ‘waste man hours in rekeying data’

Report highlights a lack of integration of CRM and e-forms with back office systems
Local authorities are still rekeying a lot of information and wasting about 2 million man hours a year, according to a survey of 250 around the UK. The National Digital Report by software company NDL, says that councils are not going all the way with digital transformations or obtaining the potential savings.

Local authorities waste two million man hours a year in ‘re-keying data’, research claims

Local authorities are wasting two million man hours per year by re-keying data they receive either through online services or CRM, according to research by NDL. The National Digital Report surveyed 250 authorities across England, Scotland and Wales to determine how technology is being used to support the digital transition of local authorities.


Research: Self serve systems largely a mirage

The vast majority of councils’ digital self serve systems are window dressing, with citizens paying for staff to rekey data they have already provided online, according to a new report. A survey of local authority staff by supplier NDL software found that 44% of councils pay staff to rekey more than half the data entered in systems dubbed “self serve”. It said that the issue is costing councils an average of £100,000 a year. Declan Grogan, managing director of NDL Software, said: “Sadly the vast majority of organisations have only implemented in sparsely selected areas and most are papering over the cracks by using manual labour to present allegedly end-to-end ‘digital services’.

Councils ‘wasting’ two million hours every year re-keying data

Local authorities are ‘wasting’ two million man hours every year due to the hidden costs of delivering digital services, a new report is warning. The annual National Digital Report from NDL found that the delivery of online services is still ‘slow and inefficient’ with many councils still re-keying data they receive through online services or via CRM systems. The report also showed 50% of local authorities are re-keying more than half the data they receive via e-forms at a cost of £14m a year. It predicts that this could increase to £45m a year due to councils being only one third along the route to channel shift.



Councils waste £14m/year keying in data

Around two million man-hours are being wasted every year through council staff manually keying in data from online services, according to a new survey. The National Digital Report by software company NDL shows that half of local authorities are having to input the data they receive from electronic forms by hand, wasting around £14m a year.



Microsoft CityNext: Delivering Remote Care and Case Management

Given an ageing population, budget constraints and higher citizen expectations, the move towards self-directed and personalised care - at the point of need, at any time and anywhere - is radically changing the way care services are commissioned and provided. Our experience is that this personalised and co-ordinated care can be enabled by technology in many ways and places - whether at home, in community centres or in the workplace - allowing cities and health organisations to continue to innovate with shrinking budgets.

NDL mobile working accelerates annual repairs at North Hertfordshire Homes

North Hertfordshire Homes has saved 100s of hours of back-office time and reduced by two months the surveying period for its annual repairs programme by introducing mobile working (see page 16 of the magazine).

Abertawe integrates portal and PAS

The Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board in Wales has integrated its ward-based clinical portal with the national Myrddin patient administration system to give nurses easier access to real-time patient information.

Text alert service prompts data integration

Norwich City Council says that data integration associated with a new text alert service has saved £50,000 on staff time to align data across departments. The council has rolled out text alerts across a range of service areas, beginning with local election reminders, information about the council’s switch and save energy scheme and promotion of individual electoral registration.

Nurse, the screen! How Lancashire Care NHS Trust's mobility programme is transforming the district nurse's job

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, which specialises in community mental health services, has 8,000 staff, two-thirds of whom are involved in visiting people across Lancashire and so are on the road a great deal. The Trust is using mobile devices and software to revolutionise the way that its services are delivered. However, across the NHS as a whole it is a slow revolution, as health informatics director Declan Hadley told the audience at the Enterprise Mobility Summit 2014 in London yesterday.


NHS trusts rush to mobile but many struggling to plan projects properly

Security and data network are issues. The number of NHS trusts with mobile working projects has more than doubled to 77 percent in a year, but many trusts are struggling to plan them properly, according to research. Specialist software house NDL interviewed 160 English acute, community and mental trusts and Welsh and Scottish healthcare trusts for its research. NDL focused on line of business mobile working, which allows healthcare professionals to carry out a transaction in situ to meet a patient or organisational need, rather than technology that simply enables individuals to access emails or calendars when they are out of the office.

Mobile working booms in healthcare, but misconceptions remain

Number of healthcare organisations with mobile working  projects more than doubles to 77% in little more than 12 months. Over three quarters (77%) of healthcare organisations now have live mobile working projects in place, up from just 30% a little over 12 months ago, according to a report produced by specialist software house NDL. However despite this rapid growth, suggesting the business case for mobile technology is largely proven, there are strong indications that project managers are still struggling to pinpoint the factors responsible for success or failure, suggesting growth could accelerate even faster in the future.

CIO interview: Mike Jones, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

NHS IT infrastructure is going through major changes, with the Department of Health looking to make the work of doctors and nurses ‘paperless' with an increased use of digital technology. Some organisations within the NHS might be struggling with this target, but others, like Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, are fully embracing it, with mobile technology already deployed among those working in the field, as CIO Mike Jones explained.

NDL trusts showcase their apps

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has created a range of mobile apps for its community staff that it plans to make available to other NHS trusts via NDL’s new App Showcase. NDL’s recently launched and free to use App Showcase is where the company’s customers can share their developments.


Free housing apps from NDL

NDL has launched a free App Showcase, designed to allow customers to quickly implement mobile working projects and to improve end user adoption of the final apps. The App Showcase has launched with 23 apps, with more being added all the time. Each app can be branded as required by the customer and will work across iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices. The apps are free to all of NDL’s 200 customers and have been built using NDL’s newly-launched MX 6.1 software.

Here's one we made earlier: App Showcase promises to speed through mobile projects

IT company NDL, which specialises in providing the public sector with software which helps integrate IT systems and mobilise workforces, has launched a free-to-use App Showcase, designed to allow customers to rapidly implement mobile working projects and to dramatically improve end user adoption.

Councils lack IT integration to make most of online services

Large proportion of e-form data is re-keyed, defeating the point of electronic forms
Councils want a big switch to web services to save money and better serve citizens, but a lack of IT integration is causing them "serious concern", according to research.

With councils facing further funding cuts, software house NDL has revealed that three-quarters of councils now view increasing the amount of transactions done online as the "main focus" for maintaining or improving service delivery.

NDL: Increasing online services only hope for cash strapped councils

Figures released this summer show councils face up to a 16% reduction in funding from central Government in 2015/16 and an on-going freeze in council tax, research carried out by software house NDL has revealed that three quarters of councils now view increasing the amount of transactions done online as the ‘main focus’ for maintaining or improving service delivery.

Increasing online services only hope for cash strapped councils

Councils aim for dramatic switch to web to provide services to citizen
With figures released this summer showing councils face up to a 16% reduction in funding from central Government in 2015/16* and an on-going freeze in council tax, research carried out by specialist software house NDL has revealed that three quarters of councils now view increasing the amount of transactions done online as the ‘main focus’ for maintaining or improving service delivery.

Devon community does digital

Northern Devon community health staff are using mobile devices to electronically record more than 9,000 patient contacts a week. Northern Devon Healthcare Trust rolled out a mobile working programme to 800 community health professionals early last year.

The ComPAS project was created using integration and mobile working toolkits from NDL, in conjunction with the trust’s inhouse-built patient information system. It allows nurses and therapists working in the field to access and update information on the trust’s systems via Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Community health mobile project delivers savings for Northern Devon trust

Trust says £750,000 of cost savings realised through clinical staff spending less time on administration
Northern Devon Healthcare Trust (NDHT) says it has made cost savings of £750,000 as a result of rolling out a mobile working programme to 800 community health professionals.

The mobile working project, known as ComPAS, allows nurses and therapists working in the field to access and update information hosted on back office systems via Samsung tablets.



Blackpool goes mobile

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has deployed a range of integration tools from NDL to enable mobile working.

The tools means that community staff that use in-house applications on mobile devices can view and update schedules and clinical notes directly into the trust’s patient administration system. Blackpool recently merged with NHS Blackpool and NHS North Lancashire to achieve foundation trust status and is now operating on many disparate systems.

Best Practice: Implementing an effective mobile working scheme at an NHS trust

This case study offers up advice on setting up a mobile working project within a clinical setting to avoid collecting data by hand.

Government Computing: WWL NHS Foundation Trust to start using mobile working technology

Expects to use iPad minis to collect data for CQUIN targets while developing 'paperless' project
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) is planning to trial mobile working technology on iPad minis before rolling it out to all 30 wards across the trust. The devices will be used to collect the data for the Department of Health's Commissioning for Quality and Innovation Payment Framework (CQUIN).  CQUIN, introduced in 2009, links a proportion of English healthcare providers' income to the achievement of local quality improvement goals. WWL is due to develop approximately 30 apps, with the first three in advanced stages of development. The apps are being developed using technology developed by specialist software provider NDL.


App wrapping: Unlocking the potential of BYOD?

With the Information Commissioner’s Office saying recently that 47% of UK adults already use a personal device for work and Gartner predicting that by 2016 50% of all apps will be hybrid across operating systems in order to accommodate BYOD, it’s vital that public sector bodies consider what apps need to do both now, and in the future, in order to ensure a sound investment of precious resources.

Next stop, paperless

In October last year, the NHS Commissioning Board’s national director of patients and information, Tim Kelsey, suggested that he would like the NHS to be paperless by 2015.

Come January, his boss, health secretary Jeremy Hunt, had set a slightly less ambitious deadline. He wanted the NHS to be paperless by 2018.