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Announced today at the 2017 NDL User Group Conference - the answer to dealing with complex web services – AX from NDL Software Ltd

Manipulating web services can be a complex business. What if you could treat them just like any other database? This is when AX can help.  Designed to save developers time and hassle, AX provides a delightfully simple bridge between your Web Service interfaces and SQL database tables. Access SOAP and REST interfaces easily using the AX adaptor which indexes all the service definitions available – meaning that you can send data between Web Services and database tables without needing to either understand or write any code.

Performant and reliable, the AX adaptor can quickly link up your browser functions with your databases, mobile applications, eForms, Robotic Processes and more.

Using web services just a whole lot simpler. Another product in the “digital toolbox” from NDL, making it easier for you to transform your service delivery.

NDL supplies easy-to-use software toolkits to integrate disparate back-office systems and to develop offline, cross-platform mobile business applications. By radically simplifying these two key areas, NDL has given over 200 UK public sector organisations across local government and the NHS the ability to integrate and mobilise their systems. This has resulted in significant savings of both time and money, changing the way frontline services are being delivered. With a pedigree stretching over 30 years, NDL is a profitable UK company priding itself on both technical innovation and high standards of customer care.

For further information visit www.ndl.co.uk or email info@ndl.co.uk